Mini Short Toss Screen | 7’ H x 4’ W Protective Screen W/ Free Padding

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Mini Short Toss Screen – NEW –  7′ TALL & SHIPS FREE!

   It’s A Portable Front Toss & Soft Toss Screen
   It’s A Great Pre-Game Travel Team Screen
   Upgraded #60 Pillowcase Style Net – 2x The Protection
   Upgraded 2″ Black Powder Coated Frame Resists Rust

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A Front Toss Screen Is Essential To Baseball Training

Front Toss builds quickness while ensuring the “pitcher” stays consistent, hitting all parts of the strike zone and a soft toss screen makes it safer when used properly.  It also uses less room, which can be handy when space is an issue, especially in batting cages

Front toss screen drills, where the ball is pitched or underhand-tossed from distances of 15 ft up to 35 ft
are important and efficient for at least a hundred reasons and you just don’t attempt this without a soft toss screen:

  • “Pitchers” can throw or toss forever without fatigue
  • Accuracy and ball placement is almost 100%
  • Speeds can be easily changed without losing accuracy

How A Screen Like This Can Help You Expand Your Drills

Our newly upgraded Front Toss Screen looks good, is simple to put together & great for travel or in small spaces!
It will fit in the bed of a pickup for your road games and should last many seasons.

The frame has been beefed up and is now built from 2″ diameter 15 gauge galvanized steel
that has been powder-coated black for great rust resistance!
Full-screen padding has been added to preserve the net and give it that pro-look too.

The netting is a thick #60 pro gauge, weather treated and UV-Ray protected for additional protection from sun damage!
Use it for baseball or softball training; It will stand up to the hot summer sun and the constant abrasion from batted or pitched balls.
This is as good as it gets in this price range! It truly is a great price for a lot of products that you will use more than you might imagine!

Note: To extend the life of your screens, always store your netting and frames indoors during winter and offseasons.
Cold winter winds are actually very abrasive and will shorten the life of your net.


Hitters of all ages love doing front toss drills because they get to track and hit lots of accurate pitches from a “live” pitcher.
All while saving the old coach and his rusty, aging arm!

I hope my comments have helped you see the benefits

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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Front Toss Drills From 15 ft

(1) Set up your front toss screen, (2) grab a seat, and (3) toss pitch after pitch using an underhand motion. Tossing the pitches in an underhand motion will most closely resemble the angle of the ball in a game situation and will get rid of those “loopy rainbow pitches” that influence poor uppercut swings.

Great for batting cage drills, for a sped-up batting practice at the field, or in backyards where you can hit dozens of regulation-size whiffle balls.

Front Toss Drills From 30-35 ft

Use it the same way as from shorter distances, except toss overhand while standing or seated. Progressing to this distance, from 15 feet, will add a good degree of difficulty and test your players while allowing them to see, track and hit more pitches in a small area and over a short period of time improving these game-type skills much more quickly!



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