Outdoor Aluminum Sports Scorers Table In Team Colors | Now Ships Free!

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Outdoor Aluminum Sports Scorers Table

 Fits 3 | Great For Scorer w/ Laptop & PA Person
  Rust Proof Aluminum Frame & Decking Will Last
  New! Now In Your Team Color 

Lowest Price Guaranteed!         Made In USA


Our New Aluminum Scorers Table Will Last Years!Coach JP Review Graphic

A scorers table like this should be on every team’s list of desired upgrades!
If we are going to ask volunteers to help and to be accessible to the dugout, we should also want them to retain the fun of watching their kids play this game and not to keep score or run the scoreboard or PA system from their lap!
This means having a place that is desirable and perhaps near their friends and family.

It’s always been a given that 20% of our baseball families do 80% of the work that it takes to help get us through an entire season.
If you are asking for volunteers to handle in-game duties, how about making it a more pleasurable experience. Some elbow room, a place to write or click… somewhere within earshot of my dugout so I can get needed updates on pitch counts, substitution information etc. These people are vital to any organization and ask little in return! This affordable purchase is a small price for an upgrade for those who show up game after game to support our teams!

Comfortably Seat Your Important In-Game Help On Our Economical Scorers Table

Seat Your Scorekeepers, Scoreboard Operators & PA Announcers In A Comfortable Place With A Score Table In Your Team Color!
Our new reduced pricing now makes our all-aluminum team color scorer table offering even more affordable!
These score table models are designed as weatherproof, rustproof solutions (also good for indoor sports however you will want some sort of pad, mat, or cushion to prevent scratching the court or gym floor).

They can be permanently mounted on concrete or left as portable. I particularly like the team colors in that they are not much more expensive. The footprint is small but can accommodate most school, league, or team needs.
Priced affordably enough to purchase one for the home side and one for visitors too! Why not make the visitors use your team colors…lol!


A Top Quality Aluminum Score Table That’s Made In USA

These well built outdoor score table models are made of lightweight aluminum & designed to last many years. All include precision aluminum planks in powder-coated permanent team colors and rustproof frames that will perform well without issue or maintenance. Best in class and priced right!

More Notable Features Of Our New Score Table 
  • Table And Bench Are A Compact 7.5 Feet Long With A Small Footprint
  • The 10 Inch Rustproof Aluminum Plank Seats Are Comfortable
  • The 20 Inch Wide Writing Surface Is Large & Yet Still Compact
  • All Aluminum Construction With Rustproof Solid Frames That Can Be Anchored
  • Inexpensive Upgrade Team Colors Are Permanent Powder Coated Aluminum
I hope these comments have helped you to make an informed buying decision!
coach JP with l screen


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