Rigid Drag Mats - Quick Results Between Innings & For Daily Practice

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   Great For Quick Grooming Between Innings
   Includes Heavy-Duty Angle Iron Bar, Rope & Handle
   Rugged 1″ x 1″ Mesh & 13 Gauge Galvanized Connect
   Choose From Our 4 Most Popular Sizes

1 Yr. Warranty

Rigid Drag Mats – Your Between Innings Time-Saver & Daily WorkhorseJP Review

Rigid drag mats are cheap insurance and make your infield skin look pregame good. Now you can freshen your infield skin as often as between innings or halfway through a game by quickly utilizing our popular 18″ model.
Whether pulling by player-power or gator, these tough mats hit & level the high spots, providing you with a game-ready infield with minimal effort!


Drag Mats Must Be Built This Tough

These all-steel rigid drag mats are tough and feature 1″ x 1″ mesh, and 13 gauge galvanized connecting rods. Mesh material is 3/8″ x .050 galvanized steel. This is an extremely rigid mat, with mesh rotated 90 degrees to maximize its effectiveness in smoothing uneven surfaces.  We include a heavy-duty angle iron across the front of the mat, as well as a rope and handle for pulling.

This style is not able to be rolled up for storage. Rejuvenate your ball field and eliminate the wear and tear of cleats and traffic, with the smoothing touch of the rigid drag mat. 4 sizes to choose from with our 18″ deep models being the most popular.


I recommend these products especially for those programs that have never invested in a few rigid mats before!

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