Quality At Bats: The Mental Side DVD

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Powerful Mental Training!
Create An Attainable Goal!
Go To The Plate With Confidence!
Help Your Team Win Every Day!

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I’ve Been Telling You Guys For 10 Yrs How Important This Stuff Is & How Spring Gets It Across To Players
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Quality At Bats | You Are In The Audience
You will get the same awesome tips and training that this group of blue-chip High School players received while working out at Cal State at Irvine! It’s simple… Just watch and learn great stuff that will keep you alert and wanting more!

If Baseball Is 90% Mental, Why Do We Work On It Less Than 10% Of The Time?
We spend $50+ on a hitting lesson without flinching… why not invest in this killer-coaching info on areas of the game we are seldom taught… and still be able to go back and view or listen over and over!

We talk about muscle memory… how about mental memorizing this game as well!
I’ve met so many players who have listened to Spring’s audio CD hundreds of times… it is truly phenomenal. Now it’s on video too. Yes, it’s that big of a deal!


With Quality At Bats You Work On Your Weak Points

Now Work On Your Mind With A Baseball Performance Coach!
Every play has got areas of weakness. That’s why Steve Springer is so important to The Blue Jays and carries the title of Performance Coach! Physical flaws can easily invade a batter’s mind… any batter at any age. Learn to get & keep yourself on track just by have the knowledge to adjust. But, you’ll need that information, so get it here and keep it forever!

Stop Throwing Quality At Bats Away… Get Your Mind Right!
And you will be the guy who gets the big hit. See and hear what Big Leaguers and so many soon to be Big Leaguers know… and now you can learn it at a much younger age. WOW, how lucky can you get!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park




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I Guarantee It
I’m so absolutely sure that any serious ballplayer will get way more than their money worth… I’ll even take it back if you don’t!
(but, if you copy it & send it back & you will go zero- for-your-next-20-at bats)!… Kidding, Not Kidding.

Author Steve Springer
Running Time 46 Minutes
Disc Count 1


Quality At Bats Testimonials

Reed Johnson Chicago Cubs  

“If you are serious about hitting, get this CD!”

Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Dodgers – Retired

“Every high school and college player in the country will learn something from this CD. It helped change our season!”

George Horton, Former Cal State Fullerton and Current Oregon Head Coach

“Spring, if you knew what’s on this CD at 18 instead of learning it at 30, peopel might know who you are.”

Billy Beane, President and GM of the Oakland A’s

“Do your team a favor and get this CD and Video for every player in your program.”

Mike Gillespie, UC Irvine and Hall of Fame Coach

“Spring will teach you how to compete in a game of failure every single at bat. I’ve been hitting with him since I was 13.”

Hank Conger, Top Prospect 2006 #1 Draft Pick, Los Angeles Angels – Retired

“Spring, my sophomore year at Notre Dame I was given you CD. I wish I had it when I was a sophomore in high school. I have listened to it over 1000 times! Thanks.”

AJ Pollock, 2009 1st Round Draft Choice, Dodgers Outfielder

“Spring, Thanks for always being there for me. You are the best!”

Daric Barton, Former Oakland A’s 1st Baseman  

“Spring, I listened to your CD almost everyday in the minor leagues – well over 800 times! Thanks.”

Dan Murphy, Rockies Infielder

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