Quality at Bats CD | Q2 The Newest In The Series!

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 After 14 seasons in professional baseball, including stints with the Cleveland Indians and New York Mets, Steve  Springer now helps players learn the most important part of hitting: the mental side.
 For ages 13 & up
 Running Time: 34 minutes
 There’s more value here than any $400 bat… Guaranteed!

Made In USA Lowest Price Guaranteed!

JP Review

Though it was originally aimed directly at the drafted pay for play ballplayer, I have personally witnessed success at the High School JV & Varsity levels! We have an 8th grader and a 10th grader who are absolutely tearing the cover off the ball within a week of receiving this CD. I also have another 10th grader who, after listening to it a second time (on the bus ride to an away game), promptly went 4 for 4 with a double, hit his first bomb, a boatload of ribbies and helped his team.

Hitting is about confidence every at bat. Everyone says baseball is 90% mental…Then why do we work on it less than 10% of the time?

Q2 Quality At Bats Team Special

Need enough for an entire team? Order a minimum of 10 audio CDs at $21 each. Call us at 1- 800-487-7432 to place your order. This is one training tool that every serious team member should have!


About the Coach 14 year pro with over 1,600 hits, MLB ballplayer, Former Angels, Blue Jays Scout
Age Range 13 and up
Author Steve Springer
Running Time 34 min.


“Every High School and College player in the country should benefit from this CD. It helped change our season.”

— Former Cal State Fullerton Former Head Baseball Coach 

— Oregon State Head Baseball Coach George Horton

“This CD should be required listening material for all players.”

— Collegiate Baseball

“Do your team a favor and get this information for every player.”

— USA & USC Head Baseball Coach – Mike Gillespie

“Spring, if you knew this at 18 instead of learning it at 30 people might know who you are.”

— Oakland A’s Executive Vice President – Billy Beane

“You will learn something from this CD.”

— Former Major League Catcher – Ron Hassey

“The mental side of baseball will separate you from the rest”

— Former Seattle Mariner – Rich Amaral

“This CD helped keep us focused every at bat of the season.”

— Texas High School All State Players, former MLB players – Laynce & Jason Nix

“Your cheating your kids if they don’t have this CD…It’s outstanding!”

— Former Colorado Rockies Manager

— Pittsburgh Pirate Manager – Clint Hurdle

“Spring, this CD is awesome!”

— Former MLB Catcher – Brent Mayne

“If this were a record, it would be a #1 hit”

— Former (25 Year) MLB Dodgers Coach – Mark Cresse

“If your serious about baseball, get this CD!”

— Former MLB Player – Reed Johnson

“Spring you’re not this smart…Where did you steal this from?”

— Former Detroit Tiger – Bobby Higginson

“I recently received your CD on Quality At Bats from a friend whose dad is a scout. I listened to this CD before every game and I feel that listening to this CD has helped me get more hits. At the beginning of our year I was 2-for-10 in our first 3 games, but after I got your CD I hit .456 with a 19 game hitting streak. I led the team in hitting and I am only a freshman. I just wanted to thank you for making this CD so that ball players like me can get better.”

— Wiley, California

“The CD is great. My son and I have it in the Blazer’s CD player and listen to it to and from ball. When other kids need a ride we share it with them and they all love it. One boy in particular said that the few minutes in my truck helped him become a better hitter now because while he is waiting his turn in the lineup he is studying the pitcher and by the time he gets up to bat he says the ball is looking like a beach ball. Thanks for putting out such a fantastic training aid.”

“Spring, Thanks a million man for the CD. I listened to it yesterday, when we got back from BYU (ironic) and was blown away.

I truly believe you are a forever student in this game. In 13 years of coaching, I have never had a more trying season than the one I’m in right now. We are absolutely anemic offensively right now. I let the hitters listen to it this morning and they were locked in. I told them the story about you just coming up to me at Lamar and how I truly believe God puts you in places in life at certain times.

Man this was good stuff. I don’t know how our season will end up, but I know our guys were pumped to hear you talk. It took all the fiber in my body to get myself positive and mentally ready for practice yesterday.

After listening to your CD I was as motivated as ever. You touched on things I’ve never thought of, things we teach and things honestly I just haven’t brought up this year. I think some of our coaches and players are definitely interested in some copies.”

— Lane Burroughs, former coach, Kansas State University

— Head Baseball Coach, Louisiana Tech

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