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Backyard Baseball Pitch Back Baseball Rebounder Helps To Develop Quickness!

  • Backyard Baseball Pitch Back Baseball Rebounder
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Availability: 99 in stock

Great To Develop Infielders Quick Hands
Use For Drills With & Without Gloves
Rustproof Steel Tubes & Weatherproof Net
Easy Assembly Using No Tools


The Baseball Pitch Back Helps You Become A Quicker, Sure-Handed Player

A Baseball Pitch Back has been seen as toyish to many. Considering that baseball at a high level has so much to do with hand speed, foot speed & bat speed, I have never understood why more teams don’t use a baseball pitch back station; it’s a simple old-school baseball training aid.
My guess is that it is seen as a kids toy. Too bad!

This model is actually one of our better value training aids in that it can be used as an inexpensive backyard solo trainer or a team trainer where two players can compete using sim games similar to the game of tennis. The Pro Rebounder Baseball Pitchback is a modern approach to an old idea. Built to stay outside for many seasons. Builds quick hands and feet while having fun.

It’s great for single player workouts or 1 on 1 games of competition. Can also be used for other sports too!
Lightweight, very portable and strong! This Baseball Pitch Back model is an inexpensive backyard or light/mid use baseball trainer.
For a true team trainer.

I hope this helps you understand the value of this inexpensive training aid!

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An Affordable Baseball Pitchback That Can Live Outdoors

A large 4′ x 5 1/2′ 2-sided rebounder & pitchback that now has a 1 1/2″ rustproof steel frame and 100% weatherproof net for years of outdoor use.
At 30 lbs, its sturdy enough to take errand throws from older players. A great way to work on proper footwork, hand-speed & improving your glove work!

Great Skill Building Fun
Large Surface — Use Both Sides
Flyballs, Ground Balls & Line Drives


Prefer Our Full-Size Heavy Duty Team Trainer Model
Click here to see our 7′ x 7′ Model

Pro Baseball Pitch Back Model







Weight30 lbs

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