Professional Hose Nozzles For Your Infield

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  Pro Spray Nozzles For Every Need & Hose
  Choices Up To 35 Gallons Per Minute
  Prices For All Budgets, Hoses & Hose Caddys

1 Yr. Warranty 

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Hi-Volume Hose Nozzles For Baseball & Softball Infields

Hose nozzles & spray nozzles can either shorten or lengthen the time it takes coaches and grounds crew to get through their day.
Since you use this basic, simple tool a lot, you should consider it as something more than an afterthought.

Buying hose spray nozzles should not be done by price alone but also by its features;  Beginning with the diameter of hose you are connecting to.
Please avoid the 3/4″ hoses and spray nozzles that are most commonly used in your backyard garden hose; you simply have too much ground to cover (unless you have a turf infield with small base cutouts).

All of our offerings are built better and offer multiple adjustments and patterns from a straight, narrow stream to a fan or fog pattern. The more costly models simply do it better, with smoother operation due to its better quality parts. Consider that the more you invest, the better build and in some cases, a higher capacity of gallons per minute.

Got A Dirt Infield Or A Larger Area To Wet? Go With Higher Volume Spray Nozzles

Once you have determined whether you need a higher or lower volume spray nozzle based on your workload, just look at your budget and then buy up against what you can invest.

You cannot overpay for higher quality spray nozzles in that they seem to get used a lot and thrown around so tend to wear out eventually. So, if you can invest a few more dollars, you may find that you will get an extra season or two with a smoother operation when changing spray patterns instead of prematurely having to replace it.


Yes, they are just hose nozzles but why struggle when you don’t have to.
I hope my comments have helped you.

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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