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Pro Single Position Baseball Batting Tee w/ Home Plate Base | Ships Free!

  • Single Position Baseball Batting Tee & Home Plate Base
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Availability: 99 in stock

 Heavier Base & Flexible Stems = 10 Year Warranty!
 Same Design As Popular Yellow Versions… But Less Cost
 Adjusts Quickly To Simulate Entire Strike Zone
 Easily Adjusts From 21″ To 39″ High
 Also Available In Pro Single Stem Model



10 Yr Warranty Label | Thumbnail

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Made In USA

The Best Baseball Batting Tee In This StyleCoach JP Review

A baseball batting tee that is cheap is going to be a throwaway and likely be painful to use from day 1. Cheap rubber fails, adjustments that don’t stay in place, stems that lean, etc. etc. Whether you train in the gym, on the field or in your own backyard or basement, a batting tee station is your first stop.

Since you will likely hit off a tee more than you will take live swings, it literally pays you to buy one that will grow with you and not break.
This series will outlast all those (typically black) rubber models and will cost you less than the almost identical yellow models you see. The Made in USA 10 season guarantee says it all!

Our Pro Series Baseball Batting Tee is designed for any age, skill or size player & are likely the last tees you may ever purchase!
This is the original model, but for less money than the yellow version you may have seen around. We work directly with the batting tee manufacturer…and you save the difference!

We also carry the Pro Base version of this single stem baseball batting tee and the 5 position batting tee model too, if those better fit your needs.


Hope this helps you to make your best purchase-decision!

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips
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Warranty10 Year
Maximum Height 39″
Minimum Height 21″
Area of Focus Hitting, Hitting Power, Hitting Zones
Weight6 lbs
Maximum Height

Minimum Height

Area of Focus

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