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1″ & 3/4″ Pro Baseball Hose Commercial Water Hoses

  • heavy duty 1" pro baseball hose shown coiled
  • heavy duty 1" pro baseball hose shown coiled



   Heavy Duty Rubber Hose With Solid Brass Couplings
   Top Quality Construction Uses Stainless Steel Bands
   2 Diameters & 4 Lengths To Choose From

1 Yr. Warranty

Baseball Commercial Water Hoses Just Last longerCoach JP Review Graphic

Commercial water hoses used as a baseball hose (as you know) are not all created equal. The rubber material is a big part but the fitting and bands make up the rest of the story!
A baseball hose has to endure the daily pulling and tugging that it takes, so it’s the connectors and fittings that either last or they don’t.
Since those who read our pages and consider our advice are coaches, grounds crew leads and park people who actually use these items, we only carry institutional commercial water hoses &  products.

There’s just so much I can say about a baseball hose. If you are looking for a solution that will last longer, choose your length & diameter (I suggest the 1″ for its increased flow) and move on to the more important parts of your job or ballclub!

Thanks for reading!
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Pro Infield Hose

1" Pro Hose 75' – $239.99, 1" Pro Hose 100' – $279.99, 3/4" Pro Hose 75' – $179.99, 3/4" Pro Hose 100' – $199.99

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