The Original 5 Position Batting Tee - Made In USA | Ships Free!

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Availability: 99 in stock

  Heavier Base & Flexible Stems = 10 Year Warranty!
  Same Design As Popular Yellow Versions… But Less Cost
  Adjusts Quickly To Simulate Entire Strike Zone
 Easily Adjusts From 21″ To 39″ High
  See Our Std. Single Stem Model or Pro Single Stem Model



10 Yr Warranty Label | ThumbnailMade In USA Lowest Price Guaranteed!

A Pro 5 Position Batting Tee You Will Never Need To Replace

JP Review

A 5 position batting tee is an incredibly useful baseball training aid. Once you begin working with it, you will begin to understand how to groove a perfect swing path for all pitches and to impart backspin (the thing that real hitters talk about at the higher levels). By simply adjusting the positioning of each stem, you will learn to cover any pitch, be it fastball or offspeed.


The Reality Is… You Must Do Tee Work!
Whether you train in the gym, on the field or in your own backyard, a batting tee station is your first stop. If you have been around this game long enough, you likely have thrown away and broken plenty of batting tees. The 5 position batting tee is a great tool for learning and teaching hitting to all parts of the strike zone but as soon as you break one stem or stem socket, you throw it away.

We have found the original designer and can now save you some budget over the other colors that look the same…PLUS, a 10-year warranty!
We also have the single stem batting tee model as well so if you plan to be a heavier user of batting tees, this series is your play!


Is Tee Work Boring? It can be but avoid it at your own peril… yes, it is that important!
I hope my comments have helped you

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips

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  A 10 Season Guarantee

Our Pro Series 5 position batting tee is the last batting tee you will purchase!

Warranty  10 Year
Maximum Height  39″
Minimum Height  21″
Area of Focus  Hitting, Hitting Power, Hitting Zones

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