Premium Steel Drag Mats for Baseball Infield & Base Paths

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  Pro Steel Construction For Everyday Use
  Handles Daily Infield Grooming Tasks
  Includes Drag Bar & Pull Rope / Chain
  7 Sizes & 2 Strengths For Hand Or Gator

  NOTE: Heavier Models Are Built For Longest Life

1 Yr. Warranty


Tough Flexible Mesh Steel Drag Mats In All Popular Sizes JP Review

Drag mats in 7 of the most popular sizes will surely fit your infield needs. We have offered this premium series for many seasons and have not had one return or complaint. Considering the heavy daily use that these products serve, this should tell you a lot!

Infield Drags That Hold Up 
Whether Pulled By Human (freshman) ATV Or Tractor

They snag-less due to their crimped sides and straight angle-iron pull bar. All these daily-duty models include a tow rope & steel drag bar for hand use so will easily hold up to gator or tractor power. The dropdown on this page identifies our Pro Duty models that include heavier duty construction & materials, including the all-important tow bar & pull chain.

Note that our 6’ W x 4 ’L called “Heaviest Duty” Drag Mat is an even more upgraded model with our heaviest mesh…  worth the investment! It will outlast anything I’ve seen for grooming your entire infield! Great for horse rings too!

For Base Paths & Wider Infield Drag Mat Tasks

These Steel Drag Mats allow groundskeepers to smooth uneven surfaces and prepare for each game and practice of the baseball season. Moving smoothly over uneven terrain, the mat is structured with small mesh squares and crevices that tackle bumpy surfaces that could hinder movement around the base path. Know that the playing field will always be ready for runners to round the bases thanks to the mat’s galvanized steel construction, which holds up through season after season.

Flexible Steel Drag Mats | Features & Benefits

  1. Levels dirt on the baseball diamond for a groomed playing surface
  2. Lattice-Style mesh design ensures that all uneven surfaces are smoothed over
  3. Included pull rope attaches the drag to a piece of lawn equipment
  4. A long drag bar supports the front of the mat, so it keeps its shape as it’s pulled across the base path
  5. Galvanized steel construction handles tough & daily jobs year after year

A Note On Quality Vs. Size

All our model offerings are of good quality suitable for average user needs.
Our higher-priced models, regardless of size, just have more steel or heavier steel gauges so shop by size 1st… but price should also guide you to your best choice.

I hope that my comments will help you to make your best buying decision!

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips
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