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Power Alley Softie Heater Slider Balls | Lightest & Best For Beginners


  The Lightest & Softest Heater Balls
  No Seams Fly Straightest – Up To 40 MPH
  2/3 Less Weight But Official Size Game Ball
  Great For Younger Players & Indoor Play
  Fits All Heater Pitching Machines

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Heater Slider Balls Are Available In 3 Types  Coach JP Review Icon


Heater Slider balls are available in 3 models with these being the softest and most highly visible of all.
They weigh 2/3 less than a regulation 5 oz. game baseball though are the same size, which makes them great for beginners and indoor use in smaller areas.

These orange lite-balls are from Trend Sports®, the engineers and manufacturers behind the entire Heater Baseball line-up.
Their pitching machines & matching batting cages for youth baseball are perfect for all ages of youth ballplayers. All have been developed for the Heater Power Alley & Heater Slider ball pitching machines.

For your older players, I would more comfortably recommend the Heater Slider Dimple Baseballs or the Heater Synthetic Leather Baseballs.
They weigh around 1/2 of a game baseball and are still the same as a regulation size baseball. 


I hope this has helped you.

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