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Our Popular Slider Dimple Balls

Longest Lasting Slider Baseballs

1/2 The Weight Of Regulation Baseballs 

Dimple Ball No-Seam Accuracy To 60 MPH

Use With Heater Slider & Power Alley Pitching Machines


Heater Slider Dimple Balls aka Power Alley Dimple Balls | Fit Heater Lite & Real Ball MachinesCoach JP Review Icon

Slider balls are available in 3 models with these being the most popular dimple ball style.

All are regulation size but the slider dimples weight only 1/2 of the official 5 oz. weight of a game ball. They fly straighter because they have no seams and seem to last the longest. The price is right in the middle of all 3 so a good bargain as well. 

These white dimple lite-balls are from Trend Sports®, the engineers and manufacturers behind the entire Heater Baseball line up.
Their pitching machines and matching batting cages for youth baseball are perfect for all ages of youth ballplayers. All Slider balls were developed specifically for the Heater Power Alley & Heater Slider pitching machines bit can be used for tee drills, soft toss & front toss too. I find them particularly good for indoor baseball training of players up through High School baseball. Also, great curveball practice when combined with the Heater Slider pitching machine.

For younger to youngest players, I would more comfortably recommend the Heater Power Alley Soft Slider Lite-Balls.
They weigh around 1/3 of a game baseball and are still the same as a regulation size baseball so they only throw up to 40+ MPH, whereas the other two slider ball models go just over 60 MPH. 

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