Youth Baseball Instruction! Play Ball Pitching & Hitting DVD's | New Low Price

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  Built For Beginners & Their Coaches
  Teaches Easy Correct Mechanics
  In English & Spanish On One DVD
  Call For Team Or League Pricing!
  Both @ Only $29.95 & Free Ship!


Youth Baseball Instruction |
 Basic Hitting & Basic Pitching Coach JP Review Graphic

Youth Baseball Instruction on 2 DVD’s that are simple enough for a younger player yet informational enough for the parent/coach.
The cost of both are less than the cost of a baseball lesson, so a small price to pay for such good information that you can use again and again while rewinding and freeze-framing till you get it right!

Youth Baseball Instruction – THE HITTING DVD!

Though most who watch this coach, Reggie Smith, may not recall him as a star with the Dodgers, I sure do!
He was a guy who played the game the right way and all these years later, he continues teaching youth baseball hitting, and the game, correctly!

As a sheer coincidence, I just received a Facebook post from an International Coach-friend with Reggie Smith teaching Canadian coaches at a seminar. So, years after his playing days and Big League coaching, and quite a few seasons after he recorded this DVD… he is still at it, a wonderful ambassador of our game!

Youth Baseball Instruction – THE PITCHING DVD!

Just because someone can play the game, there is a talent to teaching the game as well. Bud Black is not just your 40-minute DVD pitching coach, he was also the very successful pitching coach of the LA Angels. Since that time, he was a highly sought after baseball coach who has done a lot as of this writing for his Colorado Rockies team! Watch, listen & learn!

Never Stop Learning!



Play Ball DVD’s … publishers notes

Youth Baseball Instruction – HITTING!
Being a good hitter takes years of dedication, excellent vision, hand-eye coordination and more than anything, determination. This 40 minute Basic Hitting program covers all the fundamental skills that are needed to be a successful batter, plus the practice drills to keep them sharp all year long. As an added bonus, a group of real kids asks real questions about their own batting concerns with All-Star Coach, Reggie Smith.

Youth Baseball Instruction – PITCHING!
Becoming a good pitcher takes a certain amount of natural ability, hours and hours of hard work, and most of all a command of not just the strike zone, but of the basic points in the art of pitching! In this 40 minute Basic Pitching DVD, players will learn from former Major League pitcher and current Rockies manager Bud Black and will have an opportunity to practice drills & techniques to improve their game!



Running Time 40 Minutes Each DVD
Disc Count 1 or 2
About the Cast

Reggie Smith played 17 seasons in the Major Leagues and was a 7 time All-Star. He hit 314 home runs in his career  & played in 4 World Series before retiring. More importantly… a great teacher!

Bud Black won 121 games in a 15-year career. He was the Anaheim Angels pitching coach when they won a World Series in 2002. After 7 years, Black became The Padres manager & now skippers the Colorado Rockies. Known as a real players-manager!

Ray Romano – Your comedian-host & a huge baseball fan with a terrible swing!

Featured Cast Reggie Smith, Bud Black, Ray Romano
Age Range 6 and up

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