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Pitching Plate Pitchers Rubber w/ Metal Spike Anchors


  Game White Pitching Rubbers
  Includes 3 Metal Screw-In Spikes
  Long Lasting Weatherproof Rubber Surfaces
  Official 6″ x 24″ Or Youth 4″ x 18″
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Our Spike Down Pitching Plate Is The Simplest Model We Have FoundCoach JP Review Icon

Here are the simplest pitching rubbers you could imagine!
It’s basically our pro pitching rubbers material that’s designed to accept 3 screw-in nails. Just add the nails, place into position, and step down on top of the plate. This makes it easy for temporary needs, bullpens, or when it simply fits your budget. 

Used on baseball or softball fields and priced right for backyard baseball training too. 
Just choose either the official or youth-size model.

  • Official Size 6″ x 24″
  • Youth Size 4″ x 18″


Reasonably priced so you can finally add pitching rubbers to your bullpens!

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