Phantom 2 Wheel Pitching Machine 21st Century Design!

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This 2 Wheel Pitching Machine Is Easy To Move & Adjust
Throws Fastballs & All Pitch Types From 30-90+ MPH
Covered Wheels For Added Safety
Use Dimple Or Leather Baseballs & Softballs


Made In USALowest Price Guaranteed5 Year Manufacturers Warranty




Here’s A 2 Wheel Pitching Machine You Should Want!

A 2 wheel pitching machine is the workhorse in wheel style machines! There are quite a few on the market today, as you have likely seen.
I am a fan of this particular model for its 21st-century engineering, lower cost than anything comparable, beginning with its brilliant transport system & warranty & USA-Made quality!
Keep reading and see for yourself. Call us directly with any final questions I may not have answered; after all, you don’t want to buy this stuff twice!

New Technology Modern Design
Incredibly Accurate With Simple Pitch Changes
1 Person Mobility & Quick Set Up & Adjustments
Easily Rolls Through Gates, Doorways & On Field
Use For Baseball Softball For No Extra Cost!

Phantom 2 Wheel Pitching Machine Details

The Phantom SafePitch offers a new line of high-performance pitching machines with fully enclosed moving parts.
The Phantom “Dura Shield” design protects the user from coming in contact with any moving parts.
Multi-axis design & extra long locking handles provide quick & easy adjustment from 1 pitch to another. High quality, variable speed motors means quicker recovery times!

This Is The New Breed Of Modern 2 Wheel Pitching Machine!Bata 1 Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine Auto Feeder

The biggest selling pitching machines are old, heavy, cranky and difficult to use.
They work but if you have ever had to set one up and break it down and transport it on and off the field… you know what I mean!
Nobody makes things out of cast iron and other heavy materials anymore whether its cars or bicycles, modern design, and materials rule.

Phantom Safe Pitch Plays Lighter… a lot less than Jugs
There’s no lifting the head on to the legs, making this less top heavy and so much easier to set up and break down at the end of the day.
Just roll it in place, tilt it backward, install the legs and tilt it upright!
And yes, it does weigh less with much less aggravation when adjusting from pitch to pitch.

Easier To Change Pitches!
Spring loaded levers are used along with a smooth movement that is just newer/better/quicker to change from a right hand curve to a 2 seam fastball.
If you work with pitching machines, you know how frustrating it is to wrestle with a 2 wheel pitching machine and keep needing to tweak pitches too! A real time-waste!

My Bottom Line
The New Phantom SafePitch Pitching Machine line-up is like my best-trained players…engineered to be quick, nimble and easy to want on my team every day, and for years to come,
I wish I had a 5 yr consistency & performance warranty on my players…  like I have with this engineering marvel!

I hope my thoughts have helped you!



Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Auto Ball Feeder  Optional With Cordless Remote

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