Phantom Jr Pitching Machine | Throws Baseballs Softballs & A New Lower Cost!

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Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

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Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine
Throws Baseball & Softball Release Points 
21st Century Model Engineering
Uses Leather & Dimple BB & SB | 25-70 MPH
Dolley Mount For EZ Daily In & Out 
Covered Wheel Adds Protection

Made In USA   Lowest Price Guaranteed      

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Our Phantom Jr. Pitching Machine That Pulls Like A Wagon & Throws Baseballs & Softballs Too

A pitching machine that is pro-quality for the best price you will find on anything comparable, especially considering the hi-quality Made In USA- quality build on Phantom Jr. Pitching Machine!


A New Pitching Machine Design After What Seems Like 30 Years Of The Same

1st, I like the mobility. The simple transport dolly and topside pull handle to eliminate the drudgery of hauling a machine to the field & back.

Next, I like the noticeable top-flight build and reduced weight, in part because it is USA-Made, in part because of it’s engineered simplicity!

You can buy a stripped-down single-wheel baseball softball batting machine for a couple of hundred dollars less but if you have the extra budget, you will be happy to pay a bit more for this quality, ability to throw both leather and dimples plus both baseballs & softballs too!


If the specs fit your needs, you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck (especially now that we’re able to reduce the cost to you!)
Hope this helps you make a good decision!

Phantom SafePitch 2 Wheel Pitching Machine In Baseball Curve Mode With Coach JP

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Phantom Jr Pitching Machine – In Summary
  • Best Quality Pro-Style Single Wheel Batting Machine
  • Throws Fastballs, Ground Balls & Fly balls Too
  • New Design Transports For Quicker Set Up
  • New Reduced Cost & Free Shipping – You save big!

Some Thoughts From The Phantom Manufacturer

The Phantom & Phantom Jr. pitching machines are the safest on the market today. The “Dura-Shield” provides protection from any moving part, plus the machines are lightweight for easy set-up & transport. With an aluminum hub & solid wheels, the machines are designed for accuracy & durability!

Additional Phantom Jr Pitching Machine Information

  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Maximum Pitching Speed: 70+ MPH
  • Pitch Type: Fastball Plus Fly Balls & Ground Balls
  • Shipping: FREE

Read How to Choose a Pitching Machine here


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