Our Turf Softball Pitching Mat With Stride Line & Power Lane


  Built For Fastpitch Pitchers 
  Spike Resistant Turf & Real Rubber
  Real Rubber Pitching Rubber
  Saves Floor & Turf | Indoors Or Out  
  Flat Ground Baseball Drills

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Your Choice Of High-Quality Softball Pitching Mat

Though a softball pitching mat is mostly used in fastpitch softball, these heavy-duty pro turf mats can be used indoors or out for fastpitch training and also for flat groundwork for baseball pitchers. This saves your heavy wear pitchers lane or gym floor. We attach an official pitchers rubber and the entire unit will roll up easily & store in a small area or in its optional carry bag.

The center stride line is a staple in the fastpitch world but considering how many baseball pitchers fly open too soon and others who naturally try and sometimes throw across their body, I find it a great reminder & tool to keep pitchers on plane by using the stride line as a great spot to land the plant foot at foot strike! In addition, we now include a double power lane extending from both ends of the real pitching rubber & prompts better mechanics.

One more constant use is for on-field batting practice where you aren’t or don’t have a rolling pitching platform. It makes tons of sense to preserve that highly used grass or dirt area in front of the mound or circle and will certainly reduce the amount of daily infield maintenance too.

A Note On Indoor Use

Looking at our photo of the rubber backer of your softball pitching mat, you’ll note that it will work indoors too. However, if you have used it outdoors, take extra care to hose off and dry the entire face and backer-surface so that no dirt remains. You will not want to face a basketball or volleyball coach who has had their court damaged!


I hope this affordable product helps you!

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