Our NEWEST Portable Baseball Backstop Batting Turtle Is Here!



The New BP Cage Has All The Extras!

  Our Newest Design Includes All Pro-Options… All For Less!
  Much Easier Transporting Than ALL OTHERS
  Includes The Best Price For This Quality
 Ships Free To Your Biz Or School Dock

Lowest Price Guaranteed!      


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It’s The Portable Baseball Backstop Batting Turtle You Didn’t Know Was Available!


Here’s Why This Portable Baseball Backstop AKA Baseball Turtle Cage Is Fast Becoming A Must-Consider!

  1. It was designed by engineers who go waaay-back with the invention of this type & shape of portable baseball backstop.
  2. They made one model and included all the bells & whistles (other than color) for the cost of the competing base models!

Here’s The Portable Baseball Backstop Standard Nuts N Bolts

  • Large Batter’s Interior & Overall Dimensions: 22′ Deep x 18′ Wide x 12′ High
  • 2″ (OD) Diameter Heavy-Wall Rustproof Aluminum Tube Frame
  • Fold-Flat Collapsible Design – 5 Ft. Tall Storage & Transport Height
  • Heavy #42 Double-Dipped All-Weather Knotless Net – Includes Oversized 10′ x 10′ Baffle Net!
  • Improved Transport Dolley System & Oversize Drive Wheel For Much Easier Daily Transport
  • Heavy-Duty BLACK Vinyl Skirt, Large Thud Pad, Complete Covered Ricochet Cushion System


A Baseball Turtle That Includes The Most Popular Options!

  • Dual 2-Coach Folding Coaches Platforms
  • Oversize Side & Drive-Wheel Turf Tires
  • Side Wheels Turn 180 Degrees With Lockable Hubs
  • Large 4′ x 6′ High-Density Foam Weatherproof Thud Pad
  • Complete Ricochet Cushion System Pads All Ribs


Here’s 2 Portable Baseball Turtle Upgrades!

  • You Can Upgrade To Your Team Color Vinyl Skirt
  • You Can Upgrade The Front Rail/Rib (only) Padding To Your Team Color


My Summary Of This New Batting Turtle 

It’s as large as could want, it has all the upgrades included (other than perhaps adding your team color vinyl skirt & the front rib ricochet cushion for an upcharge). It just moves easier due to an improved transport dolley, wider all-turf tires and side-wheels that move (the only model ever created with this feature)! And it ships FREE to any business or school in the continental USA! Even the ricochet cushion is tougher than usual and covers more than just a single area! If you are looking for a portable baseball backstop in this price range… or more, you will be very happy with this purchase for the many seasons that you will use it! I hope my comments have helped you.
Feel free to call and speak to me directly IF you still have any questions.
coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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About The Available Upgrades For This New Batting Turtle Model
  1. Vinyl Skirt In Your Team Color – The stock black vinyl skirt is included but you can add your own team color skirt (see the dropdown for all available colors)
  2. Ricochet Cushion – The stock black ricochet cushion is included but you can add your own team color to the front rib (see the dropdown for all available colors)
From Our Friends Who Manufacture Our NEWEST Portable Baseball Backstop Batting Turtle
We designed this pro-quality baseball turtle cage for high school, college & pro programs. The frame is made of 2-inch aluminum tube with a heavy weather-treated knotless net plus a solid vinyl black skirt. A 4′ x 6′ thud pad & a baffle net will protect the rear of your cage. The side wheels turn 180 degrees & feature locking hubs with turf tires. The rear dolly assembly easily lifts & maneuvers the cage. Padded rib bars feature welded guides for inserting the lifting bars’ this assists in safely raising your entire cage. The lift bars secure the ribs with a safety cable & pin. 2 folding observation coaching platforms at the rear of the cage allow for raised clear viewing of your hitters!