Batting Cage Frame | Basic & Well Built | For Indoor & Outdoor

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   Durable 1 1/2″ Steel Frame Corners & Poles – Just Add Net
   Free Standing Frame – No Digging Holes – Indoor/Outdoor
   Easy Assembly – Includes All Net-Hanging Hardware
   Choose From 4 Frame Sizes & Add A Net – Read Sizing Info Below
*Free local delivery for your leg/poles within 50-miles of any Home Depot or Lowes

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Our Basic Batting Cage Frame | Good For Backyard Or Teams On A BudgetCoach JP Review Icon

This batting cage frame is plenty good for all backyard baseball training, for a secondary team use cage or when money is an issue.
No, it is not our pro-quality product but consider who you are buying for and why you are buying in the first place?

So who is it a good choice for?
If you have a solo player or a couple of players that would develop quicker and have a ton of fun with a backyard batting cage or if you have a youth team that would have their weekly practice in this cage, you are on the right track. However, if this is the primary batting cage for a JV or High School team that will hit in it every week for months at a time, I’d look at our better complete (deluxe) frame instead.

Our heavier duty frames are designed for heavier use and will simply last many more seasons and take more abuse in harsher outdoor conditions.
This 1 1/2″ complete frame is a very easy and economical way to hang a batting cage net in any open space without diving into the “cheap” – category.


Some Important Batting Cage Frame Sizing Notes 

A pro-style frame must be longer and wider than your net (to preserve the integrity of the net)

Checkbox Graphic  A Standard Dimension Batting Cage Net Is 55 or 70 Ft. Long, 12 Ft. High 
Checkbox Graphic  To Fit A 12 Ft. Wide Net… choose our narrower frame requiring you to have a 17 – 18 ft. total width
Checkbox Graphic  To Fit A 14 Ft. Wide Net… choose our wider frame requiring you to have an 18 – 20 ft. total width
Checkbox Graphic  Note: Our 55 or 70 Ft Long Cage Frames Are actually 56 Ft Long Or 71 Ft Long

Some Miscellaneous Batting Cage Frame Items Of Interest

Because this batting cage frame sits on the ground and not in the ground, stability is extra important.
The shape of this frame is a trapezoid, meaning that the ceiling width is much narrower than the width at ground level. This alone makes this frame more stable. Since the ceiling pieces are all joined in a 4-way direction, this also adds to its overall stability. The weight of the net helps too.

If you are in a windy part of the country, consider securing the frame by attaching 2 end-of-the-frame ropes and stake to the ground.
They are not included but are available locally. This is strictly optional.

For using this batting cage frame indoors or on any hard surface, we supply you with rubber feet that slip over the ends of the frame legs.
This will help you to protect gym floors or to resist some high-wind frame movement when used outdoors.


I hope this information empowers you to make your best decision!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park
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