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Our Bratt’s Weighted Bat Is Baseball & Fastpitch Overload Training


Add 30 Ft. To A Typical 300 Ft. Fly Ball
Gain Hitting Power With Every Swing
Great For Tee, Soft-Toss Or Live Pitches
Look For Them In MLB On Deck Circles

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The Bratt Weighted Bat Is Overload TrainingJP Review

A weighted bat is what the essence of overload baseball training is about!
The Bratt’s Bat works because it makes you do the work & uses your baseball muscles and connecting tissue equivalently to your actual game swing!

This bat doesn’t swing itself like so many other overload training devices.
Working with Bratt’s Weighted Bat develops dynamic strength, which to a hitter means quickness and power!

It loosens your hitting muscles as it strengthens them. The hands, wrists, and arms benefit most from its use.
Bratt’s Bat will add points to both your batting average and slugging percentage.
Additionally, the increased bat control that you will gain translates into your ability to wait just a little bit longer and to explode into the offspeed pitch where you might have previously been fooled just enough to whiff… ugh!

The Bratt Bat is a unique weighted bat used during training and in the on-deck circle
Bratt Weighted Bat

Its patented design distributes the weight along the barrel giving it the balance of your hitting bat. The Lexan plastic tube and hard wood handle used in the manufacture of Bratt’s Bat makes it virtually indestructible and one of the safest on-deck products available. It is the ideal replacement for the donut weight.

The Bat Used By The Champs… And found in MLB on deck circles everywhere

Some years back, The Angels bought 6 Bratt’s Bats and proceeded to win the World Series that year. One week after winning the World Series they bought six more. All we can say is that Bratt’s Weighted Bats have been working great for Major Leaguers since 1977, but it’s what it can do for you that counts. You may not know how great a hitter you can be until you swing a Bratt’s Bat 50 to 100 times each day.

How To Choose The Correct Weighted Bat Size/Model

Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic1st – Double the weight of your game bat (length is not as critical)
Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic2nd – Move up or down in weight by honestly deciding how hard you might work

For Ages:         Bat Length Weight
6-9 29 inch 35 ounces
10-12 31 inch 50 ounces
13-15 32 inch 55 ounces
14-17 34 inch 60 ounces
18 and up 35 inch 80 ounces

The table above is a rough guide for selecting the weight of your Bratt’s Weighted Bat.
A large ball player may want to choose a heavier size than listed for their age.
Pre-puberty players should NOT consider heavier bats.


Coach Tip #1
Have your players hit tennis balls with your Bratt’s Weighted Bat? It makes for a great station. I  especially like to hit soft toss at home plate with yellow tennis balls. Players must focus to keep hitting to their same area and it becomes progressively harder as they hit more since the bat gets “heavier.”

Coach Tip #2
A Bad Swing May Take The Next 3 Good Swings To Get Back To Even!
Proper Swing Mechanics Must Be Used For EVERY Swing! –  Limit consecutive swings to the number of good swings in a row…then take a break!

Throw Those Bat Donuts In The Lake… they are just bad physics!

Overload training will help all players gain strength & improve power numbers… but likely not when you have a fixed weight at one point on a bat barrel. Centrifugal force is just not gonna get you where you want to go. The bat ends up swinging you.

I hope my thoughts will help you

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips



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 For Baseball or Softball Training With Wiffles or Tennis Balls
  Builds Baseball Muscles… FAST!
  Increases Bat Speed and Power
  Used by Over 250 Major Leaguers
  The Usage of The Bratt’s Bat Set The Major League Home Run Record in 1977, 1986, 1996 & 1998! (then we stopped counting)!