On Deck Circle Fungo Circles Quality Pro Turf! - Buy in pairs

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On Deck Circle Fungo Circles Quality Pro Turf!

  4 Ft, 5 Ft, (most popular) & 6 Ft
  Now In Team Colors In 1-2+ Weeks
  Thickest & Most Durable Around
  Glue Down Or Throw Down

Made In USA


Coach JP Review IconI Don’t Chirp A Lot To Coaches About Products Like On Deck Circles

On deck circles are needed and coaches know they need a pair for each field. Ours are a pro-quality spike-proof  turf, have a heavy all-weather turf backer & will last as long as any I’ve seen

5 ft. diameter models fit most high school and college ballfields unless they are used in a stadium such as a D1 or pro park. The reason being that 6 ft. models are not as easy to maneuver if you have to move them a lot and are more visible in larger ballparks. Conversely, 4 ft. diameter on deck circles are generally seen on softball fields or youth fields where bases are up to 60 ft apart.

Whatever the size, If you need em, we’ve got em ready to ship in most cases.
Do consider that green is most common & ships within the week you order, and we now offer team colors; they generally ship within 2 weeks or less.


Our On Deck Circles Are Pro Quality

These fungo circles, aka on deck circles, are spike-proof, backed with a very-thick 5 mil (millimeter) outdoor backing with a very dense number of strands per each square inch as in all our field turf products. They won’t rot or mold and can be hosed clean.


On Deck Circles Are Either Glued Down or Throw Down

Same product, your choice. I recommend gluing over concrete or asphalt using a product like Henry’s Glue (found at most Home Depot/Lowes).


On Deck Circles Are Sized To Fit Your Ballfield

Fungo Circles / On Deck Circles are available in the following diameters:On Deck Circles Color Swatch

  • 4 ft. diameter –– best for fastpitch & youth fields – they look small on adult fields
  • 5 ft. diameter — perfect size for any but the largest of fields
  • 6 ft. diameter — too big for most fields – especially in bright colors.

 You may know them as fungo circles or on deck circles. 
Remember, good is good and that’s what is important about turf products.

Turf is one of those products where cheap and good just don’t go together. All of our all-weather turf products are built to stand the outdoors and take the abuse expected of good turf. They will wear over time, but you should expect them to last up to your standards.  All include our heaviest backing and will last even longer when turf shoes are used.

  • Reduces Your Maintenance… expect them to last many years
  • Outlasts Other On Deck Circles… again, we only offer pro-quality 


I hope my thoughts have helped you understand your choices!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park
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Warranty 2 Year

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