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New Baseball Base Cart | Easily Transports 4 Bases

In stock (can be backordered)


  Powder Coated Steel Resists Rust
   8″ Rubber Tires Easily Rolls Over All Surfaces
   Holds Universal Base Stems (1″ Male & 1 1/2″ Female)
   Holds your Digout Tool Too

      3 Yr Prorated Warranty   free shipping graphic

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An Easier Way To Transport Your Bases | You Will Use It Twice Every Day!JP Review

A baseball base cart that carries up to 4 bases on and off the field with only 1 person just makes sense.

  • Have you lived without one forever? Probably yes.
  • Does that mean you should continue doing things the hard way forever? Maybe not.

    Check for some extra budget that may be lodged in the couch cushions and you will reduce & simplify another mundane daily task… especially if it’s your coaching staff who ends up doing this task before and after each practice and/or game.

    A Baseball Base Cart With A New Baseball Base Set

Frankly, I am not a very good salesman but if you need a new set of high-quality bases, have a look at this awesome price on a full set of our pro style game bases that will perform and last just as long as the one brand you probably have heard of. Why not, you have a new baseball base cart anyway…LOL!
Here’s a link to our MLB Bases Page

Buy it once and you will have these products for many years!

I hope my thoughts have helped you this season…
coach JP with l screen