Infield Training Glove aka Pancake Glove

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Teaches Quicker Hands & Feet
Quickens Moving To All Batted Balls
Infielders Will Turn More Double Plays
Catchers Will Throw Out More Base Stealers
Team 6 Pack -5 Ship Free & Lower Price – SAVE $57!

2 Yr Pro Rated Warranty

Every Infielder & Catcher Needs A Pancake Glove Training GloveJP Review

What do you call an infielder or catcher with slow hands? An Outfielder! … and he better be able to hit or he's a soccer player… or worse. Who has the quickest hands and best footwork on your team?... My guess is they are your starting infielders. Am I close?

An Infield Training Glove For Outfielders?

The old timers used to say that Joe DiMaggio never left his feet to catch a fly ball or line drive! And though he was best-known as a great hitter, many regard him to be the greatest player ever because of his awesome defense while patrolling the vast Yankee Stadium center field. (the old stadium was absolutely huge, I walked it and could only imagine covering that much area!) There's nothing wrong with outfielders shagging fly balls with our new pancake training glove… it makes them focus on getting better jumps and staying on their feet for more catches… they just naturally improve their range and quickness going to all batted balls! A TEAM PACK? I believe enough in our team packs that I’ve priced them to make you want more of your players to benefit… consider infield throwing drills & watch as an entire infield of players focus on proper footwork and quick ball transfers...they will get better just by taking infield, outfield and during catching practice. Gloves are padded enough to protect and will give confidence to your younger players from harder throwers! Just use age-appropriate common sense and you’ll be in great shape! I hope this helps you to make your best decision!     Want a fielders team drill to use with your pancake glove? Click Here   Here's A Features & Benefits Summary   Helps Improve Your Quickness    A Buy It Once Baseball Training Aid   Good Leather & Padding Builds Confidence Adjustable - Fits Any & All Age Players   A Training Aid For Infielders, Outfielders & Catchers   Buy The 6 Team Pack For Free Ship & SAVE $30!  
Warranty2 Year
Player PositionCatcher, First Base, Infield, Middle Infield, Outfield, Pitcher, Utility

Notes From The Manufacturer

Right hand throw - onlyFull-grain American Steer Hide
Adjustable strap for sizing comfort for all agesActual finger slots for real glove feel
Infielder's padded flat training glove for practicingInside palm pad
two-handed catching trainingSize: 10”w x 8”h x 29"around

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Single Glove – $37.99, Team Pack of 6 – $215.99