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A Manual Water Pump Gets Your Infield Back In Shape Quickly

  • baseball diamond manual water pump manual infield pump
  • baseball diamond manual water pump manual infield pump
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Availability: 99 in stock

 Pump Puddles Away At 18-20 Gallons Per Min.
  2″ Of Water To Be Most Efficient
  No Clog Design But Draws Water Down To 1/2″

1 Yr. Warranty

A Manual Water Pump – The Simple Way To Save A RainoutJP Review

A manual water pump or two is the simplest way to remove the worst of puddles that pop up in your infield. Typically, water gathers at the bases. The good easy fix is to simply shovel a 6-inch hole of dirt from the deepest part of the puddle and get your manual pump on the job.

When standing water spoils your field, the Diamond Pump is the fast and economical answer to your problem. Puddles disappear at 18-20 gallons per minute thanks to the manually-operated pump. Special filter minimizes clogging from dirt and mud. To work at its most efficient, the Pump needs 2″ of water, but it will still draw water down to less than 1/2″. Weighs only 7 lbs. Get your field back in playing condition pronto when the Manual Water Pump tackles those annoying standing puddles.

There really isn’t much more to say about it other than it seems to perform better than some similar looking models I have seen around the internet.

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips
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Here’s A Hack:
Add your standard 50 ft. hose and skip emptying a bucket every 30 seconds! 


Warranty1 Year
Weight5 lbs

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