Yellow Pro Dimple Baseballs For Pitching Machines & Batting Practice

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Easier On Bats & Pitching Machines 
Great For Tee & Toss, BP & Wet Fields
Most Accurate In Pitching Machines

1 Year Pro Rated Warranty




Baseball pitching machine manufacturers either prefer or insist that you use dimple softballs with their wheel type pitching machines.
They fly straighter and feed easier with or without auto ball feeders. I agree though with these manufacturers though I still like hitting game balls, of course.

Dimple softballs are seamless optic yellow rubber softballs like you see being used at commercial batting cages and also used during many team practices.
They are the same size and weight as game softballs. They fly straighter and last longer than game softballs plus they are easier on player’s hands & wrists.
We’ve got ’em. Order by the dozen, as many as you need. Remember, players, swing comfortably at 6 seconds per swing. 10 swings per minute with a typical pitching machine.


The problem with dimple softballs is that they all look alike from brand to brand, and are just made cheap. They are all made in a mold of who knows of what?
What I can tell you is that we have offered the same brands for many years because we know the high quality that our customers will get and see way too much junk and inconsistency out there to change. Our customers will get this same quality, and same competitive price.

Bad Dimple Baseballs Can Be Tough On Pitching Machines
Many dimple baseballs are so hard that they prematurely wear pitching machine wheels and sometimes even the wheel axles or internal parts.
Other times, they wear the pinch pads which hit the side of the ball opposite of the wheel.

Bad Dimple Baseballs Can Be Tough On High-End Aluminum Bats
Today’s tricked out $400+ hi-end thin wall aluminum bats can dent when hi velocity swings hit these too-hard dimple baseballs in exactly the wrong place…and there goes the warranty.
Calling in a dented bat warranty claim will likely bring up the question of whether you have hit dimple baseballs with this now-damaged bat. Don’t be sur[prised if this alone will void your warranty. Too bad because a good dimple baseball should not create this kind of damage but how could the manufacturer possibly know what dimple ball you did or didn’t hit so ultimately it is likely too bad for you.

On the other hand, there are brands that are so soft, it feels like you are hitting a tomato; they just don’t fly and players hate them!


So Here is The Dimple Baseball Reality  

Coach JP and most pitching machine manufacturer’s warning labels generally urge the use of machine pitch dimple baseballs with most baseball pitching machines, especially wheel types.
These seamless yellow polyurethane (think rubber) balls are generally yellow and usually seen at commercial batting cages. They are the same size and weight as leather baseballs.
They fly straighter and ours will last you up to 10 times longer than a good leather baseball plus they are easier on player’s hands, especially desirable on colder days.

Every team has valid reasons to use a good dimple baseball!
Baseballs are the most disposable and replaceable expense for any ballclub. Everyone seems to have a wheel pitching machine. Everyone likely has bad weather practices where those expensive leather baseballs become throwaways. Everyone would prefer to buy fewer leather baseballs that are such a disposable item.

Pro Baseball Or You – Everyone Gets The Same Dimple Baseball From Us At The Same Good Price

Our dimple softballs have an 85% hardness factor with 15% compression and resist aluminum bat denting.
Cheaper dimple balls can be up to 100% hard and can dent or are so soft that players hate them because the balls just don’t travel very far!

   Fit & Feed All Wheel Pitching Machines – Iron Mike Arm Style Pitching Machines Too!  
   Increases Accuracy In Pitching Machines Over Any Seamed Baseball
   9″ Official Size & Weight With Hardness Ratio That Makes Them Fly Truer & Farther
   Lasts Up To 10 X Longer Than Leather Baseballs, Easier On Players Hands & Pitching Machines


We’ve got ’em. Order by the dozen, or by the 10 dozen case with FREE SHIPPING
I Hope My Thoughts Have Helped You

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park



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