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The Original J Bands | Jaeger Bands
Select Youth J Band For Up To Age 13
Select Adult J Band For Post-Puberty 

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Coach JP Review IconJaeger Bands Are Now Officially Everywhere

Jaeger Bands were not always standard equipment. I remember watching Alan Jaeger and his secret weapon, ex-Major Leaguer Jimmy Vatcher patiently teaching the hundreds of coaches passing by their booths at various baseball trade shows over quite a few seasons. That was then. Now, there are few in the game who have not seen and used these unique j band training products.

“Jaeg’s” past students include a ton of MLB pitchers going back to Barry Zito. What did they seem to have in common? Most went to the post every 5 days… An incredible number of guys who threw 150-200 innings a year while having extended careers while dodging a lot of injuries & surgeries too! 
All? Everyone – No! But a noticeable number of guys who owe a lot of bank and a now have a life after baseball without pain or physical limitation.

J Bands Are The Central Tool Of The Jeager Thrive On Throwing System 

A mandatory tool for the health, strength and endurance of your arm strength, the Jaeger Band aka J Band allows you to perform 10 different exercises to strengthen all of the muscle groups in your arm and shoulder. These exercises are demonstrated in the Thrive on Throwing video by ex-Major Leaguers and present-day coaches. Plus, you can perform them in the comfort of your own home as effectively as you can on the playing field.

I hope you will invest in the health of your arm

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips




Area of Focus Arm Durability

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