Iron Mike MP 6 Arm Style Pitching Machine for Baseball or Softball

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 The Most Popular Arm Style Pitching Machine 
  Biggest Ball Hopper – 600 Baseball Or 400 Softball
Throws Accurate Fastballs From 35 – 85 MPH
FREE Remote Control & 1 Yr Factory Warranty
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Which Arm Style Pitching Machine For You? This may help...

The Arm Style Pitching Machine Battle ... Iron Mike MP-6 vs Iron Mike MP-4

Once you come to the conclusion that you want an arm style pitching machine that holds and throws so many balls that you will drop before you have to stop… It becomes about deciding on which model. Both of these Hopper-Fed Iron Mike arm-style pitching machine models look the same & indeed are very similar.

The Major Master Pitching Machine Differences (the $400 difference)

  1. The MP 4 Includes Added Protective Steel Facing (to protect from direct ball hits) (we advise our MP-6 customers to add our 7′ x 7′ machine guard protective screen instead - it covers more of the machine and anyone tending it)
  2. The MP 6 Carries A Slightly Lower Total Cost & Shipping Cost – a bit less weight
  3. The MP 6 shows the leather ball shaker as a $100 option. Included with the MP-6 *The Shaker is a simple add-on unit that overcomes the inherent problem when leather ball seams catch & interrupt the ball-flow as they’re fed into the machine. (a non-issue with dimple balls).

Added Steel? The added protective steel included with the MP-4 is a great idea however, I personally like the idea of purchasing the virtually identical MP-6 and adding our oversized 7′ x 7′ protective screen & simply cut a porthole into the net…this protects the front of the entire unit…the total cost becomes very similar!

Shipping Costs? Probably $30-70 more for the MP-4 depending on your ZIP Code due to the extra weight from the reinforced steel. btw: If possible, shipping to a business, especially one that has a dock or a forklift will save you some extra money!

*The Shaker? When you use game baseballs or softballs, the seams occasionally “catch”, causing the arm to throw without a ball. The shaker stops this issue. This is an inexpensive option on the Pro Model MP-6 (standard with the MP-4 model) and can be added either at the factory (or you can purchase & install later) if you want to try and live without it. Note: If you only use dimple balls, this is a non-issue.

*All Master Pitching Machines Throw Leather & Dimples & Can Be Purchased For Baseball Or Fastpitch Softball

Shipping Note
For Easy Instructions & To Get Any Other Questions Answered By Coaches, call us toll-free at 1-800-487-7432 from 10-7 EST Information You Will Need To Provide: 
  1. Your model choice & sport – (baseball, fastpitch or slowpitchl)
  2. Your shipping state & ZIP Code – (business address & dock or forklift on site will save you extra $)
  3. Options you are considering – (all-weather cover, 7′ x 7′ machine guard, dimple or leather balls)
1 Year Warranty Details

The Iron Mike Arm Style Pitching Machine Factory Warranty

All Iron Mike machine motors are covered under a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Electronic circuit boards on the control system are warranted against component failure for 30 days after installation or a maximum of 60 days after shipment from the factory. The warranty on electronic circuit boards does not cover damage caused by severe electrical surges, electrical storms or accidental damage by servicing technicians... frankly, we haven't had a claim or inquiry for these parts in many years!

Specifically excluded from automatic warranty replacement are pitching hands, pitching arms, power cables, power springs (all inexpensive & readily available).
Maximum Pitching Speed85+ MPH
Pitch TypeFastball
Power SupplyAC Plug 110v
Ball Capacity600 Baseballs or 400 Softballs
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Sport UsedChoose Baseball or Fastpitch Softball Model

My Arm Style Pitching Machine Summary

The most important decision you can make is to invest in a pitching machine and a batting cage that fits your budget, your player(s) and your backyard, ballclub or ballfield. After that, if an arm style machine fits your needs, examine your budget. The hopper-style MP-4 & MP-6 arm style pitching machines offer the ability to hit a maximum of 600 baseballs or 400 softballs without reloading; a real convenience and increase of efficiency, especially for teams! The rack style MP 5 model offers more portability, cost savings and has the same internal workings as our MP-4 and MP-6. Frankly, I prefer the MP-6 and would add our oversize machine protector and simply cut a hole into the net to fit. As far as the optional ball shaker... If you throw leather, you will like it. Remember, it can always be added later if you are not sure. Basically, it's a $100 add-on that's not hard to install. Call us if you have further questions or prefer to make your order by telephone. 800-487-7432 (10-7 EST M-F. Hope this helps you make an informed buying decision! --JP Coach JP Signature

Additional information

Weight620 lbs
Dimensions59 × 44 × 57 in

Warranty Details

Maximum Pitching Speed

Ball Capacity



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