Iron Mike MP 5 Arm Style Pitching Machine – Baseball or Softball Model

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Additional Options for Your MP5

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  Fastball Strikes Every 6 Seconds… with no wasted swings
  38 Baseballs Or 28 Softballs… get a focused workout
  Throws 35-85 MPH… simple speed & height controls
  FREE Remote Control… a great teaching tool
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Same Arm Style Pitching Machine Guts As Our Pro Models With A Money-Saving Rack Feeder


I wouldn't blame you from buying an arm style pitching machine but I do understand that the hopper fed pro models can be a budget & deal breaker. Consider that players swing comfortably at a rate of 6 swings per minute, would you be okay with stopping to reload every 5 or so minutes? I can tell you that swinging for that long is tiring and the last thing I want to see in my players are bad swing mechanics. So, if you have one or a few players, I wouldn't blame you for investing the savings in the batting cage that you need or a few extras like a homeplate stance mat or perhaps our protective screen-option. Bottom line is that this model has the same guts and same velocities as our more expensive arm style pitching machines in this series!

If You Want An Arm Style Pitching Machine, You Buy An Iron Mike by Master Pitching Machine!

There are 3 full-size models and 1 youth/jr. model. This MP-5 rack fed model has all the bells n whistles as the more expensive hopper fed models MP-6 and the MP-4 Pro Model. MP 5 dimensions: 56" H x 30" W x 55" L 530 lbs

Here’s The Difference

The MP-5 on this page offers a rack-mounted ball feeder that holds & throws 38 baseballs or 28 adult size 12” softballs every 6 seconds. (The factory will set up your unit for either sport when you order).

Our two hopper fed models are loaded by dumping entire buckets of up to 600 baseballs or 400 softballs into the large metal basket. Should I Buy The MP-5 Rack Fed Model? Do I mind reloading every 4 minutes?

If you are purchasing for a single player in the backyard or for infrequent use with a small number of hitters, you might consider the rack fed MP-5, knowing that you will be stopping to reload about every 4 minutes. This is done after hitting the last pitch.

Just drop your bat and click the on/off corded remote switch which you hang near the batter. This stops the arm from continuing its throwing motion (every 6 seconds).

Gather & reload the balls into the rack, walk back to the batter's box, click the on/off switch again and you will have 38 more swings for baseball or 28 more for softball… That’s your prime consideration in the Iron Mike MP-5 arm style pitching machine!  
  • Lockable Arm Guard...Built in Safety - Virtually Vandal Free
  • Choose Baseball or Softball Model (Uses Dimples or Leather)
  • Completely Weatherproof... No Daily Setup Required
  • Same Inner Workings As Hopper Fed Models MP-4 & MP-6
  • Spare Parts Always Available (we only recommend heavy users buy any with a new machine purchase) 
This machine throws:
baseballs SoftBalls dimple balls Is this Iron Mike MP 5 model right for you? Find out more by going here