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Consistent Fastballs From 20- 60+ MPH
For Baseball, Fastpitch or Slowpitch
Optional All Weather Cover & Machine Guard
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Coach JP Review IconIs The Iron Mike C82 Pitching Machine Your Best Choice For Backyard Baseball, Fastpitch, or Slowpitch?

The Iron Mike C82 pitching machine is the most economical arm style pitching machine on the market!
In my opinion, too many people do not consider purchasing an arm-style pitching machine. Yet I can’t imagine any college or pro club living without one.
Maybe it’s because you see so many of the wheel-type machines, or maybe it is because of the intimidating, industrial look of an arm-style machine? 


Give this Iron Mike Pitching Machine a long look and consider it before you make a decision… Here’s why:

1st, it is absolutely not an intimidating pitching machine. It is actually rather simple once you see it up close. It is certainly not complicated to set up, use, adjust, and especially maintain.

There’s not much to replace, and what parts you might need are readily available and inexpensive. It is meant to stay outside, does not require the added cost of an external auto feeder, and it throws leather or dimple balls for consistent strikes, with minimal adjustment needed! 
We even offer an optional remote control for single player use!

If your need is for a pitching machine that will last for years and doesn’t need to be moved or transported often, these machines are a great choice.
And when the time comes to consider selling it, there always seems to be a local buyer.

If there is a downside, it would be that they only throw a fastball.
But consider this… The first thing any successful hitter must do to stay in the game is to eliminate the pitchers best pitch, his fastball!
If he can’t… he better be able to pitch!


The Iron Mike C82 Pitching Machine… In Summary

The Iron Mike Iron Mike Pitching Machine C82 is light enough for one adult to move. It throws hard enough & definitely consistent-enough to use day after day balls or 20 softball feeder’s added cost enough for the solo ballplayer.

All Iron Mike C82 Pitching Machines are simple, efficient, outdoor tough and consistent.
They are awesome machines that you will buy only once and have for an entire career. They are so efficient that I don’t even recommend buying any spare parts unless you are shipping outside the USA (by the time you need them, you may forget where you put them!)


Extras & Accessories
I would recommend that you consider purchasing one of our machine guards
(click here and you can also see the picture on this page) that prevents it from hard direct hits!

Though the manufacturer does not offer an all-weather cover for this model, I would suggest you consider purchasing a mid to large gas grill cover to protect your investment from the elements.
Other than that, there’s really not more to know, but do feel free to call us toll-free with any questions or concerns.


I Hope This Helps You To Make An Informed Buying Decision

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