High Grade Practice Baseballs With Free Ship On 10 Dz. Cases


High-Grade Practice Baseballs With Free Ship On 10 Dz. Cases

Pro-Style Raised Seams & Real Leather Covers
2 Part Cork & Rubber Core That’s Real Quality
It’s A Great Practice Ball For Your Money!
By The Dozen | Shipped Free By 10 Dz. Case




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The Best Practice Baseballs Will Stand Up To Abuse & Keep Their Shape!

Practice baseballs are all made in a far-off factory; the same factory that makes all kinds of other baseballs too.
The reality is that there are many fewer baseball manufacturers than there are brands of baseballs! And, all the major brands of baseballs make game balls of various price points and qualities. Along with that, many odd-sounding brands are actually owned by the major brands that you have come to know. (many don’t like putting their “real name” on a cheap ball to save them from tarnishing their brand.

An MLB Baseball Averages 6 Pitches – You Want Your Practice Baseballs To Last?

Another reality is that practice balls are likely to be hit more times than high-end game balls. And, many practice baseballs get put through wheel-type pitching machines where they are slowly destroyed by high-velocity spinning wheels and, many times, hit into a rock-hard floor or outdoor surface. Consider that the average lifespan of an official MLB ball gets pitched an average of 6 Pitches?
(An MLB game averages 5-6 dozen baseballs – 90 baseballs are required to be ready for each game played)!

Here’s The Scoop About Our Practice Baseballs

Our practice baseballs are made in one of those factories where many name brands are made. Not having a name brand stamped on the leather cover saves all of us tons of money… as long as I can guarantee you that you are getting more than your money’s worth! And that I can!

We Are The Sweet Spot In Practice Baseballs

These Leather Practice Baseballs have a pro-style raised seam wrapped in a heavy-duty leather cover. The core is the real deal featuring a 2 part cork & rubber for long-lasting durability and real wool windings! Our covers are real leather and hand-stitched around the windings to supply you with a good quality official size and weight that doesn’t vary from ball to ball. Its a lot of ball for the money!
I have offered this one brand & model of practice baseball for many seasons now and have yet to have any returned for any reason.

A Note About Junk Practice Baseballs… When Good & Cheap Don’t Mix!

The reality is that $70 or $100 dozen baseballs are built better and have the best of everything inside and out.
BUT… will your players ever be better hitters because of the high price of the baseballs they hit?

By that same reasoning, the cheapest ball should be ok then, right?
Not so fast! When I see what’s offered in buckets & bags found in big box stores that we all frequent, I usually see the bottom of the barrel.
Name brands, but fake leather covers and compressed sawdust guts. This bottom of the barrel-stuff just doesn’t last or hold their shape…mostly trash and sometimes, not even all that inexpensive, just cheap!
If a baseball does not say “real leather cover”, do not even be tempted… it’s trash!

One more thing… never put an imitation/synthetic leather baseball through a wheel-type pitching machine! Either the wheels load up with whatever they make those cheap covers out of causing a layer of… who knows what that molds to the wheel surface, or the sub-par stitching breaks when in contact with these high spinning rubber tires or wheels; Either way, I suggest that you never buy anything that does not say “leather cover”… though what’s inside is still a guess.

The Bottom Line On Buying Practice Baseballs

The more you play, the more you will practice. The more you practice, the better you will get.
This means that you will go through many dozens of practice baseballs. A good 2 part center (aka, the pill), real wool windings and a real leather cover are the basics of what you are looking for.

We offer an excellent practice baseball for its price point so I recommend that you buy the same brand and model of ball.
Find a good, consistent source, and a ball you can count on… that’s how coaches do it, and who buys more than them?!


I hope this has helps you & that my thoughts have passed on some knowledge that you can use!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips