Heater Slider Pitching Machine Uses It’s Own Slider-Lite Balls

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A 1st Pitching Machine Or Small Space Curveball Trainer  
Throws Official Size Lighter Slider Lite-Balls – Up To 60 MPH
Just Plug In & Hit – Includes Free 12 Ball Auto Feeder
Inexpensive Backyard Batting Practice Anytime 
Matching Small Footprint Backyard Batting Cages




A Light Ball Pitching Machine | An Inexpensive Fastball & Curve Solution

A light ball pitching machine is a good purchase on many levels!
For those with limited space, for those on a limited budget, for those who really need to see more offspeed and breaking balls than they are currently getting… all good reasons. The Heater Slider light ball pitching machine is not a toy, though it is as much fun!

Does Hitting Off A Light Ball Pitching Machine Cause Any Negative Swing Mechanics?

I’ve been asked often… whether hitting a light ball is a good or a bad idea… it just seems wrong to some.
My answer is really quite simple… there is no discernible difference. The difference-maker may very likely be whether players swing enough, and are they doing it correctly!
I don’t care if you swing at 1,000 rocks… you will likely got better. Take those same swings but add focus and goals… you’re even better!

The more important aspect is “correct” and “more” and with that in mind, another bright garage-engineer developed the light ball pitching machine. It requires less power to propel the light ball of an official baseball size, and was matched with lightweight & shorter length backyard batting cages to.
All of this has the side benefit of costing less while taking up less backyard space!

Heater Slider Box

More Batting Practice Swings & Less Cost!

The Heater Slider is great where limited size backyard & perhaps where budget becomes the difference between having a backyard batting station or not!
I’ve met very few good young hitters who didn’t like playing the game of baseball. But I have met many who have left the game before they found out how good they could actually be.

So, for any player who is fortunate enough to be able to swing a lot, can get very good, very quick and then find out how far they can go in this game.

It almost has to be in the backyard unless there is a very interested parent with tons of spare time and are willing to get in the car and go somewhere any time their player wants to hit. So now, with the more inexpensive light ball pitching machines and affordable backyard batting cages, it becomes a no-brainer for many!

Heater Slider & Power Alley Batting Cage Package

You Have Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Options Like Never Before

Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicSlider Lite Ball Pitching Machine for under $200.
Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicSlider Lite Pitching Machine & 22′ Power Alley Batting Cage. under $400. shown here —–>
Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicThe Slider Lite Pitching Machine & 24′ Xtender Batting Cage under $500.
*longer cages are available

Start With Your Budget & Consider A Batting Cage… now or in the future

If you have read this far, this Slider Pitching Machine is likely of interest and in your price range,
so let’s complete the thought process.
Adding a backyard batting cage may actually be the more important baseball training piece…
nobody like shagging balls. I see way too many underused pitching machines.

Adding a small footprint, portable backyard batting cage right out your backdoor to an affordable pitching machine will translate into thousands of swings that otherwise would never have been taken! Add those same swings and you have a much-improved hitter, which makes players want to take more swings, which turns them into even better hitters!
That’s what I believe.


I hope my thoughts have helped you.
Coach John Pero - Baseballtips.com Owner

Keep Swinging – Keep Learning… Then Swing Some More!

Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicSlider Softie Balls – 1/3 of official wt. for youngest players – up to 40 mph
Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicSlider Power Alley Dimple Balls – 1/2 official wt. – up to 60 mph
Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicSlider Syn Leather Balls – 1/2 official wt. – up to 60 mph

Soft Slider Lite-Balls | Lightest & Best For Beginners-7775Power Alley Slider Lite Dimple Balls_031619Real Game Slider Lite-Ball - Fits All Heater Pitching Machines-7774


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