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Syn Leather Game Look Slider Balls Fit Heater Models | Best Price!

  • heater slider balls in package of 12
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Availability: 99 in stock

Our Most Realistic Heater Lite Balls

Long-Lasting Syn Leather Cover & Stitches

1/2 The Weight Of Regulation Baseballs 

Low Baseball Seams | Accuracy 60+ MPH 

For Heater Slider & Power Alley Models


Heater Synthetic Leather Game Style Slider Balls | Fits Heater Lite & Real Ball MachinesCoach JP Review Icon

Slider balls are available in a softie model, a dimple ball model & now, this real-look game baseball-style.

All are regulation size but this syn leather slider ball weighs only 1/2 of the official 5 oz. weight of a game ball and has that familiar look of a baseball with red seams that can be seen by the batter They are a bit more expensive than the other two models but may be what you are looking for to fit your Slider Ball or Power Alley Pitching Machines. 

These game-look white covers have red seams in the familiar 108 stitch baseball pattern.
They are made by Trend Sports®, the engineers and manufacturers behind the entire Heater Baseball pitching machine line-up.
Their pitching machines and batting cages for youth baseball are perfect for all ages and all youth ballplayers. All Slider balls were developed specifically for pitching machines but can be used for tee drills, flip drills & front-toss too. I find them particularly good for indoor baseball training of players up through high school baseball; especially good for curveball practice when combined with the 60 mph Heater Slider pitching machine.

For younger to youngest players, I would more comfortably recommend the Heater Power Alley Soft Slider Lite-Balls.
They weigh around 1/3 of a game baseball and are still the same as a regulation size baseball so they only throw up to 40+ MPH, whereas the other two slider ball models go just over 60 MPH. 

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