52+ MPH Original Heater Pitching Machine In Baseball & Softball Models

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Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

   Baseball Or Softball Model With Optional Ball Feeder
   Hit 52+ MPH Fastballs Or Ground Ball & Fly Ball Drills 
   Harnesses To Our Xtender Batting Cages
  FREE Shipping ($49 value!)

   1 Year Pro Rated Warranty   


Here’s The Original Heater Pitching MachineJP Review

The Heater Pitching Machine changed backyard baseball training!
There was just nothing available in this inexpensive price point (unless you count toys). And from its 1st season, it has performed as well as anyone could have expected. The very portable steel case that protected the wheel and those around it for what was 1/2 the cost of so many plain vanilla pitching machines. It has proven to be a workhorse with very few problems.

This machine is so light, convenient and accurate, It has become our #1 selling youth baseball and softball pitching machine. You cannot find more pitching machine for their breakthrough price… And with our free shipping, you will not find it for less!

The popular affordable Heater Pitching Machine throws 9 12″ softballs up to 50 mph or 12 baseballs up to 52 mph from regulation pitching distances with it’s optional ball feeder. It just might be the most efficient backyard pitching machine available.

Great for teams on a budget, the Heater is light & convenient, with lots of power and ability for such a small machine. Plus, the pitching wheel has been upgraded from molded rubber to an air-filled tire. This new wheel improves pitch accuracy while reducing wear on the ball! Just plug it in and hit!

A Heater Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Is A  Ballplayer’s Dream!

The same engineers that have found ways to produce accurate backyard pitching machines for less investment have invented a series of matching batting cages that are backyard-sized and can even expand as your kids get older… from 24′ to 72′ They install quickly and fit almost any backyard… all for less money than we sold pitching machines by themselves back in the day. These Heater Sports Batting Cages even have a harness that fits all our Heater Pitching Machines. Our affordable backyard batting cages would go great with your new machine.

Adding the Xtender Batting Cage is a natural addition to this purchase.
Xtender Batting Cages work well with this machine! They are very affordable and available in 24′, 30′, 36′. They are called the Xtender because you can add to them now or in the future, up to 72′!

Here is our page where you can match your Heater Pitching Machine with The Heater Xtender Batting Cages in many sizes!

So, Pitching Machine Summary Is Simple

If you’ve read this far you know the advantage that a young ballplayer has to be able to walk out the back door and hit and hit!
If the original Heater Pitching Machine is at the top of your budget, you found your machine!

For your older players or if you have a bit more to invest, check out the Heater Pro Curve & the Heater Deuce 2 wheel pitching machine models.
Remember, it’s not about spending more, it’s about getting the most you can budget! Heater Pitching Machines are priced for all budgets and more invested returns more product. The quality is consistent across the board, it’s the added abilities of these machines.


I hope my comments will help you to make your best decision!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips - baseball mental toughnessHeater Pitching Machine Box
heater pitching machine and batting cage





A Typical Testimonial

“I actually had another brand of pitching machine on order when I came across your website and found the “Heater” pitching machine. After reading and putting some time into comparing the two I canceled my order for the other machine and purchased the Heater. I have turned my Heater pitching machine over to my son’s Little League team and boy has it been a real “HIT,” excuse the pun. I can honestly say that even after only 4 practices with the “Heater” our team has improved on their batting skills significantly.”

– Danny Scott, Estacada (OR) Diamondbacks



The Heater Pitching Machine Will Throw

  • 9″ Regulation-Sized Baseballs (baseball unit only)
  • 12″ Regulation-size Adult Softballs (softball unit only)
  • Dimple Baseballs or Softballs
  • Wiffle Balls
  • Safety & Lite Baseballs

Notes: Both Coach JP and the manufacturer’s warning labels strongly urge the use of machine pitch dimple balls with this machine. These are the seamless yellow balls you see being used at batting cages. They are the same size and weight as leather game balls, but they fly straighter and last longer, plus they are easier on players’ hands and bats. We cannot guarantee dimple ball quality other than what we offer so please be aware that cheap means cheap when it comes to dimple balls.

The Heater is a 110v plug-in pitching machine. It does not come in a rechargeable model, but you can use a generator or battery pack, which you can buy locally. Just make sure the generator/battery pack can handle 350-400 watts.



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