Heater Pro Curve Ball & Backyard Xtender Batting Cage Package

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Need Practice Baseballs? Choose Here

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  1st Choose Your Pitching Machine & Optional Feeder
  2nd Choose Your Xtender Batting Cage Length
 3rd Add Your Leather Or Pro Dimple Baseballs

       1 Year Pro Rated Warranty   

An Awesome Backyard Fastball & Curve Ball Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Package!

 Curve ball pitching machine models are generally expensive. Here is your exception!


Unfortunately, coaches are allowing & teaching curveballs too soon and there’s nothing we can do but teach our own players how to attack them!
So, the sooner players start seeing the curveball, the better! This curve ball pitching machine & batting cage package will get the job done for less money than any alternatives we have found… you should expect it to hold up well;  it is no toy!

Here’s the most inexpensive curve ball pitching machine and batting cage combo that we have ever carried… and it works well!    The matching batting cages are sold in sections made in 3 sizes & in $100 increments. Purchase what’s affordable and will fit your backyard space, but do note that a longer batting cage will allow for more break or curve.

Thousands of quality swings over multiple seasons are the goal and you will work in fastball mode more than not, but if you see the benefits of owning this curveball pitching machine, our 36 ft Xtender or longer would be a first-choice in batting cage length!

What makes a curve ball pitching machine and batting cage so valuable to your youth baseball player?
Well… unfortunately, coaches are allowing & teaching curveballs too soon and there’s nothing we can do but teach our own players how to attack them.
So, the sooner players start seeing the curveball, the better!

With An Affordable Curve Ball Pitching Machine & A Batting Cage… You Will Reach Your Potential!

  • The Ideal Backyard Fastball PLUS Curveball Pitching Machine With Variable Speeds & Adjustments For Batting Practice, Grounders & Pop Ups  
  • Matching Xtender Batting Cage In 24′, 30′ & 36′ Sections. Future Expansion By Simply Adding Sections!
  • Throws Real Balls Or Our Recommended Yellow Dimple Balls Accurately From 15 to 52+ MPH (remember, closer distances mean even more velocity!)


About The Expandable Backyard Batting Cage That Grows With You!

Purchase your Xtender Batting Cage in lengths of 24′, 30′ or 36′ and add additional lengths to fit your yard and your growing needs.
I do suggest at least 36 ft with any curveball pitching machine

Xtender Batting Cage In 24', 30', 36' & Can Be Extended
Xtender Batting Cage
Grows With You



Smart Batting Cage Harness Design Keeps Coach Safer!


Heater Xtender Batting Cage Harness Shown With Heater Pitching Machine

Batting Cage Harness

Take your game to a whole new level with the Heater Curve Ball Pitching Machine. You’ll be hitting outside breaking balls, inside breaking balls & fastballs like a pro. The Pro Curve Ball Pitching Machine has an inexpensive optional matching 12-ball automatic ball feeder that comes in handy for solo players. The plugs directly into any standard wall outlet. A speed control dial allows you to adjust the wheel for a variety of pitches at speeds to 52+ MPH. With The Xtender Home Batting Cage, you’ll be hitting balls anytime you want right in your own backyard.


I cannot overstate what an advantage it is for a budding ballplayer to be able to swing as often as he can. It may be the ultimate difference-maker for your player!

Coach JP Still Swingin It
heater pitching machine and batting cage


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