60+ MPH Heater Combo Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine

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Need Practice Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

Our Heater Combo Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine

   Throws Official Baseballs Plus 11″ & 12″ Softballs
   Great For Batting Practice & Grounders Fly Balls
   Perfect For Travel Teams… Quick Set-Up
   Available with or without 12 Ball Auto Feeder
   Accurately pitches fastballs up to 60 mph – even at 60 feet!

Mater Pitch Iron mile Pitching Machine   1 Year Pro Rated Warranty   Lowest Price Guaranteed!


The Affordable Heater Combo Baseball AND Softball Pitching Machine


An affordable baseball and softball pitching machine combo is a rare thing. The ones that are out there are generally… just expensive. Granted some of them do more and throw harder but… here is one to consider when your budget is an obstacle.

It features the same metal housing and easy controls but is a lightweight model so perfect for individual or youth team use.
A durable assembly that arrives almost ready to pitch.
The ability to throw leather or dimple baseballs and softballs (including both 11″ and 12″ softballs).
An optional auto ball feeder that fits both size balls.

In short, if you need a youth baseball AND softball pitching machine in one model… you have found your choice.

Like all Heater Pitching Machines, it will also hook up to our Heater Xtender Batting Cages… all with free shipping!

I hope my comments have helped you!
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