Heater Soft Toss Machine | Our Youth Model Automatic Soft Toss Machine

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Used For All Ages, Or Should Be… soft toss is that important!
Consistently Delivers Tossed Balls… with time between swings!
Standard Model Uses C Batteries… includes free AC cord… just plug it in!
Optional Rechargeable Model… for yard, basement, garage & ballpark

1 Yr. Warranty

Lowest Price Guaranteed

I believe that, over the course of a career, a player may actually take more soft toss swings than live pitching swings. It is the "next building block" and simply adds JP Reviewball tracking to your batting tee work! Our new Heater Soft Toss Machine from our friends at Trend Sports is our first entry-level soft toss machine. It does not have some of the features & flexibility of our Best-in-Category Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine, but the price certainly makes it a strong consideration for many of our players. Rechargeable Battery

2 Models Available

We offer the Basic Heater Soft Toss machine aka Heater Big League Pro as a portable unit that is powered by 4 C size batteries (buy the good Duracells) and as a bonus... we will include the 110v AC Power Adaptor with it. Just plug it in and hit/ However, do consider the Long Life Heater Big League Pro, 8 hour rechargeable version, simply for its flexibility... even good alkaline batteries wear out at the wrong time and you will easily be able to set up anywhere from backyard, basement, garage in colder months and of course, to the ballpark...No power or cord needed! Soft Toss drills are almost always done as a complete station that includes a net or screen to contain balls so that players can quickly get the amount of quality swings that it takes to actually improve... without the boring shagging of balls in the outfield that reduces the effectiveness of the drills. More time shagging is less time hitting! Have a look at the catch nets on the side of this page for my recommendations. Good stuff that won't break the bank! Finally, an affordable backyard toss station when combined with any of our catch nets! A solo player soft toss hitting station that can be used for all ages & skill levels! Hint: choose our optional 8 hr rechargeable battery model! You are going to want to move this between house & ballfield!

1 Player - 109 Swings in 30 Easy Minutes

Our newest Heater Soft Toss Machine is perfect for those who have a small area yet want to track and hit the ball in the backyard or basement. It is easy to set up and use, can be plugged into a wall socket or used with "C" size batteries. We suggest the optional 8 hr rechargeable model if it's within your budget. The Big League Pro, formerly called The Scorpion, delivers the tosses every 9 seconds - leather balls, dimple balls or whiffle balls will all work well). When the ball is released from the feeder, it simply picks up speed while going down the slide until it jumps off the ramp and "flips" into a slightly upward and outward arc... into your strike zone. The hitter puts a good swing on it (preferably into a time-saving catch net).
Here's The Math
Each ball is released every 9 seconds x 12 balls per each rack. This takes 108 seconds per rack. Add 90 seconds per rack to pick up balls in your catch net, or take a break between racks, and you should get 109 swings (give or take) in 30 minutes (1800 seconds). And that's taking your time and not rushing! Its the repeating of quality swings that becomes the real difference-maker... A complete soft toss station is a very affordable way help a young player! Coach JP Signature    


"The Big League Pro Baseball Soft Toss machine develops perfect bat timing. It forces my son to focus on hitting a moving pitch. This has really helped him make the transition from T- Ball to Pitch League."

-N Reid, San Jose, CA

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Warranty1 Year
Pitch Interval9 Seconds
Pitch TypeSoft Toss
Ball Capacity12 Baseball