A New Style Baseball Nail Drag For All Infields


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  Easy Daily Nail Dragging & Scarifying Your Infield
  Great For Infield Cutouts & Home Plate Areas
  Convertible For 2′  Or 3′ Baselines

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Why You Want This Baseball Nail Drag

Any baseball nail drag will do the job but when you look at how much damage you can do with this shape and how often you will scarify or drag your infield skin throughout a season, it makes sense to save the extra tractor time to get on with the business of coaching instead of landscaping. Additionally, the advantage of this X shape baseball nail drag allows you to more easily drag your baselines without ripping into your infield grass. Whether you have a youth field with 2 ft. wide baseline or the wider 3 ft. baselines, you can simply string your tow rope with your preferred style.

Some Well Thought Out Features

  • Plastic Lumber Construction Won't Rot!
  • 3' x 2' Shape Pulled in Either Direction
  • Quarter Inch Hardened Steel Spikes
  • Pull Rope Included - Attaches to ATV or Tractor
The above features will more than justify the cost of purchasing this well thought out product. Buy it and save yourself some time and drudgery without having the need to replace it as often as most. I hope my thoughts have helped you to make a better decision. Have a great season! Coach JP Signature

Additional information

Weight70 lbs
Dimensions3 × 2 in