Our Foldable Portable L Screen Includes A Free Wheel Kit!

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  Portability For Indoor Batting Cages & Travel Teams Too
  Up & Down In Seconds – Perfect For Batting Cages
  Folds To Trunk & SUV Size For Easy Transport

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A Portable L Screen For Batting Practice Safety On A BudgetCoach JP Review Graphic

Most portable l screens seem to be those flexible tent pole frame-types. If you’ve owned one,
you know the pluses and minuses.
This foldable l screen model is for those who want something different; perhaps more substantial?

A folding l screen is great for any travel baseball program whether away games or any practice field but is also a terrific idea for any school team too! This folding l screen is an ideal portable solution for batting practice. This adult-size 7’x7′ goes up & folds down quickly. Wheels allow for easy transport on and off the ballfield or batting cage.

Growing up in snow country, I recall so many practices in the gym. Everything had to brought in and put away by had at the end of practice and it seemed that storing equipment was either far away or crammed together, or both! Looking back at those days (more than a few decades ago), I now see how difficult that was for my coaches.

Now, I look closer at anything that can store easier or get on and off the gym floor quicker! This portable l screen makes a lot of sense in that it wheels on and off the floor or infield and it folds so that 1 player can move it in and out. It’ also tough enough that I can use it for indoor AND outdoor, so it becomes a more versatile piece of baseball field equipment!

For close up front toss or similar drills, I prefer padded l screens and perhaps frames of 2″ steel so though this model will work for those drills, I believe that regular use might shorten the life of this unit

When preparing for your next away game or batting practice, whether indoors or outdoors, make sure you pack our folding portable l screen!

I hope these thoughts have helped you.

coach JP with l screen
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Warranty 1 Year
Frame Included Yes

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