Glove Radar | A Very Accurate Inexpensive Radar Gun

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  Doppler Radar Accuracy Measures Velo From 20-99 MPH
  Works At Any Distance & Recommended For All Ages
  Easily Attaches To Any Glove & Will Withstands Fastballs 
  A Tool To Learn, Teach & Improve Your Change-Up

Lowest Price Guaranteed1 Yr. Warranty



The Glove Radar Is An Affordable Inexpensive Radar Gun Device!JP Review

An inexpensive radar gun devise that is accurate to within 1 MPH and as tough as it would need to be to last!

It’s Built To Last! This is thanks to a well-thought-out hard plastic case that is sealed to prevent dust from getting inside the radar device. By getting this small, inexpensive velocity sensor for your player or team, you can begin to make a difference in their throwing capabilities and velocity.
It’s Accurate To 1 MPH! The Glove Radar® is not an impact sensor or timer but is an actual Doppler radar, like conventional hand-held sports and police radar speed guns.And just like conventional hand-held radar guns, the Glove Radar uses Doppler radar to give you a true measure of velocity!

The Glove Radar easily attaches to any glove and can be used with any level of player. Quite simply, “the Glove Radar offers users an opportunity to obtain general velocity readings while playing catch.”

The Glove Radar features real doppler radar accuracy at a fraction of the price!
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An Inexpensive Radar Gun That’s This Simple

  1. Attach the Glove Radar to any glove
  2. Press the push-button “on” switch to energize the radar transmitter. The MPH display will show the last velocity reading
  3. Press the push-button “on” switch a second time. Two flashing zeroes indicate that the radar is transmitting. The Glove Radar is now ready to use
  4. After the ball is caught, observe the MPH display to read the ball speed
  5. Before returning the ball back to the thrower, reset the radar transmitter by depressing the push-button “on” switch, which is large and conveniently located
    so that it can be found and depressed without actually looking at it


Warranty 1 Year
Radar Power Supply Battery
Radar Top Speed 99 MPH


Glove Radar Testimonials

Glove Radar Endorsed By Ken Griffey Jr.

Endorsed By “The Kid” Ken Griffey 


The Glove Radar will help improve your throwing skills with accurate Doppler radar speed measurements!
Ken Griffey Jr. – Mariners & Reds – retired







The Glove Radar is a great teaching tool. I coach a 12-year old team and the kids can’t get enough of it. When the kids get the proper mechanics down, you see their velocity go up.
Pat Tabler – Ex-Major Leaguer & current AABC coach

I was looking for something that was easy to use, durable, accurate, and economical. I have not been disappointed! It is a very effective tool that allows my son to monitor his development and gives him the incentive to keep working at his pitching mechanics.
Pete Vonich – Coach and parent of 7-year old

It has proven to be as accurate as any radar gun that I have used in the past twelve years.
George Martin – Pro scout and High School coach

The Glove Radar is a very useful tool that can help developing pitchers and their coaches. It helps in bullpen workouts by accurately measuring pitch speeds.
Chris Welsh – Former Major League pitcher

The immediate feedback to the pitchers is great! This product has a role at every level.
Bill Long – Former White Sox pitcher and High School coach

I have found the Glove Radar to be extremely accurate when appropriately compared to the release speed and RA guns commonly used by baseball scouts.
Paul Mueller – Former Houston Astros scout


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Radar Power Supply

Radar Top Speed


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