Full Infield Tarp Rain Covers With 2 Yr. Warranty – Prevents Expensive Rainouts



Pro-Quality Saves Avoidable Rainouts
Reinforced & UV Protected | No Mildew
Reinforced Handles & Brass Grommets  
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The Right Infield Tarp For Baseball – Find Your Size & Choose Our Brand!

You’ve seen our full infield tarp rain covers on MLB fields, college fields, and spring training facilities.
Our heavy 6 oz. reinforced poly full baseball field covers have all the qualities pro ball demands… why are your needs any less important.
What they get, you get!

Who Thinks About Baseball Field Covers Like This? – We Do 

Reinforced plastic grip pull handles are important and easier on your hands, so the extra heavy stitching assists those handles in resisting tearing away. The same detail is stitched into all edge reinforcements. We also add grommets (those small brass donuts where you can drive stakes through… all of this is fabricated by craftsmen, right here in the USA! Buy this quality now or buy it later, when you have the budget. Cheap baseball field covers will haunt you for too many seasons!

Our baseball covers fit all typical-size infields & we can even make you a custom-fit model if you need an odd-size infield tarp for your odd size needs.

Important Notes: All sales are final so please measure before ordering. Shipping charges can vary. You’ll be notified of unusual occurrences. Ships to school, business, or ballpark, no residences. Click our buy button with confidence or call us toll-free with questions at 800-487-7432


I hope my experience will help you to make your best buying decision
Because you don’t want to buy this stuff twice!


coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park


Protect Your Infield Skin & Save A Rainout Too!

Save your infield & games from the damaging effects of rain with our FieldSaver baseball field covers. The high-strength, long-lasting, reinforced polyethylene fabric keeps your field dry; A baseball field cover that’s waterproof and rot-resistant with reinforced pull handles & grommets. (brass donuts for wind stakes) to allow you to keep your infield tarp in place during high winds & storms and off-season.

  • Best in Class baseball field covers – the baseball field cover seen on MLB fields
  • Pro Quality Tough Reinforced Polyethylene That’s Mold & Mildew Resistant – 2 yr. warranty
  • Reinforced Handles Are Easy On Hands Plus Brass Grommets Every 10-12 Ft.
  • Silver/White Color – use either side
  • Custom Sizes Available – call 800 487 7432 (10-7 EST – M-F)