Flex Steel Drag Mop & Cocoa Mound Mop For Your Baseball Mound & Baselines | Ships Free!


  For Tough To Groom Small Dirt Areas
  For Mounds, Base Paths & Infield Cutouts
  24″ x 18″ Cocoa Mop Mound Mop & Braced Handle 
  24″ x 18″ Flex Steel Mop & Braced Handle

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Our Flex Steel Drag Mop & Cocoa Mop Quickly Grooms Smaller Dirt Areas

Any Drag Mop or Cocoa Mop is an excellent tool to have around for daily infield finishing. I find it a colossal time waste to try and finish mounds, basepaths & cutouts with the wrong tools, and I have promoted these items as a quick shortcut.

Here’s our inexpensive, better quality cocoa mop mound mop and flex steel mop with free shipping too!
They are another of those inexpensive everyday grooming tools that you’ve been going without, for some reason.

When you think about all the smaller dirt areas that you groom every day, it seems crazy to try to use a rake or something else, just because you have it in your hand. You will like this tool, especially when you think about your smaller cutouts, basepaths, and all the times you could use quick grooming between games or even between innings.

Both are excellent for mound grooming & all tight dirt areas on your field… including your bullpens

  • The Natural Fiber Cocoa Mound Mop will virtually float across your infield surface & provide a highly professional finish without displacing too much soil or topdressing.
  • The Flex Steel Mop simplifies daily infield dragging and reduces your temptation to cut the infield corners from the seat of your gator (how many times have I snagged the grass or worse while trying to get too damn close… too many to count…LOL!


Both are constructed well, reinforced, and braced where they should be!
I hope my comments have you thinking about how you can regain some time while improving your playing surface!



  • Flex Steel Drag Mop Is: 24″ W x 18″ L
  • Cocoa Mound Mop Is: 27″ W x 16″ L
  • Both Have 66″ Long Handles