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Fence Top Rail Padding In 6 Ft. Sections


  Pro Quality Protection & Superior Look 

  Fits Chain Link & Outfield Fences

  18 Oz. (Heavy) Vinyl Surrounds 2″ Weather Foam

  All Major Team Colors Now At No Upcharge!

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Fence top rail padding is never inexpensive though quality does vary and even the cheap stuff is not inexpensive.Coach JP Review Graphic

Here’s our pro-quality fence pad and your best option if budget permits. Considering how many players and coaches may be leaning on it daily and that your dugout is only so long, I hope you will at least consider budgeting for it.

This premium fence top rail fence padding is available in many a dozen colors; all at the same price.  It features 2″ thick foam encased with a tough 18 oz. vinyl outer sleeve and heavy-duty brass grommets for easy installation.

There is not really too much more to mention fence top rail padding other than it resists water and weather and will fit any pipe up to 2 1/2″ in diameter. Because of the way you install it, you can extend its life by removing it during any offseason, though it is not a necessity.


I hope this helps you make your best decision. 

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park




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