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baseball tips sports equipment store

Quality Baseball Sports Field Equipment Supplier

Your Trusted Source For High-Quality Baseball Equipment Since 1999

Economical Baseball Field Screens 7′ x 7′ | 10′ x 10′


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  Best In Class Baseball Field Screens
  No Rust Steel Frame & 2 Sided Nets
  Good Protection For Team Drills
  Priced To Buy 1 For Infield & 1 For Outfield Bucket Tender


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Our Affordable Baseball Screens For Team Use!Coach JP Review Graphic

Baseball field screens come in many grades. We work with teams and schools so what we offer is meant to hold up in direct relation to what coaches spend. Not every use requires pro series baseball field screens and its not my job to sell you anything you don’t really need.
Today’s typical baseball budgets are tough enough to just get through the season.
If you are on a budget and have always wanted extra on-field baseball screens, here’s your play.

Our Black Light Series frames are plenty good enough IF players are taught to transport them with a simple reasonable amount of care.
In other words, don’t drag them and do place them, rather than carelessly drop them hard.

The double-sided slip-over nets are all you could want and now feature double-sided poly nets that resist water and have built-in UV protection! Use reasonable care and you’ll get years of good use from any of these offerings!


Here Are Some Handy Features

  • Frames Are Powder Coated Tubular Steel & Resist Rust – Quick Assembly
  • UV Treated 2-Sided Nets Are Polyethylene So Don’t Absorb Water & Won’t Rot Or Mold
  • Multiple Uses: For All Bases, A Temporary Drill Station Backstop, For Outfield BP Bucket Tender, Bullpen & As A Catcher Backstop
  • Inexpensive Optional Wheel Kits To Add Ease & Longer-Life To All Baseball Field Screens

What I Like About These Oversize Screens

It’s really about the combination of size and price!
You don’t find that many oversize baseball field screens and you really don’t see many for this low cost.
Sometimes you just need that extra piece of baseball field equipment that you have been getting along without because of the budget.
Considering how many places this can be used during daily practice, the price becomes a real driver.

I find the 8′ x 10′ & the larger 10′ x 10′ models interchangeable & useful as an inexpensive bullpen backstop, as a good size screen for my bucket tender or for an adult size 1st base protector during batting practice. Just make sure that players don’t allow the legs to drag or slam when placing on the field. Consider adding the wheel kits if you have a bit of extra to invest. They will pay you back in extending the life and allow for a single player or coach to easily transport and store at the end of practice. Do these simple things and you will absolutely get your money’s worth!

I don’t recommend these screens for close-up batting drills.
For Front toss drills and close-up-action, you really need to check out our heavier screens that are more designed for those drills.


I hope these comments have helped you.

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Warranty 1 Year
Catch Net Height 7′, or 10′
Catch Net Width 7′ or 10′
Net Material UV Protected Waterproof Polyethylene