Duraband Resistance Arm Strengthener | Baseball Tubing & 24 Exercises

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Great For All Ages & All Positions
Strengthens Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Fingers
24  Shoulder Capsule & Upper/Lower Arm Exercises
Unique Flat Tubes To Add & Combine Resistance


Baseball Tubing Done Affordably Right… & created by a physical therapist too!

The 1st reason this product caught my attention was that it was created by a board-certified physical therapist… for baseball pitchers & position players!
Softball and baseball players at all levels will benefit from this sport-specific training program kit. The new DuraBand resistance training aid uses the pitcher’s exact mechanics by working many pitching muscles simultaneously… and in the order pitchers use them!

A Complete Baseball Tubing Band Program & Resistance Exercises That Pitchers Use

The kit includes 4 color-coded bands for varied resistance plus great exercises and a carry case.
btw: The Dura-Band system is also extremely effective for individuals who need help in performing rehabilitative exercises.

  • BLUE = Heavy
  • GREEN = Medium
  • ORANGE = Light
  • RED = Extra Light
Warranty 1 Year
Area of Focus Arm Durability


Why Use Baseball Tubing?

The Duraband works on the same principle as free weights or machine weights: the “Overload Principle.” To increase strength in a muscle, resistance is needed to challenge the muscle. Increased strength results as the muscle adjust to the new level of resistance. The Duraband allows this to be done safely, conveniently, and effectively.

The Duraband uses colors to differentiate band resistance. Resistance can also be varied within each colored band by using the exclusive band-adjuster that is attached to each Duraband. You can adjust to a longer length for less resistance or a shorter length for more resistance.

Resistance can be further varied by simultaneously clipping two or three colors of the Duraband onto your fixed point of resistance. With the Duraband you can truly create a countless number of resistance levels with quickness and ease.


Why Choose The Duraband Baseball Tubing?

More Durable | Combine Resistance Bands For Added Resistance Training
Uses a unique layering process that binds multiple layers together, forming a tough, resilient band

No Band Slippage
Bands are securely fastened to handles via adjustable clips

Regulation Size Baseball or Softball
Perfect for simulating the pitching motion and performing throwing exercises

Soft Foam Handles For Hitting Exercises
Eliminates wrapping bands around the hand and allows proper beginning ranges of motion

Less Smell & Allergens
99.998% free of latex allergens and scented with vanilla to leave a clean pleasant smell after handling

Professional Quality Baseball Tubing
High-quality materials combined with 24 professionally designed exercises

    • Strengths For All Age Players
    • Quickly Changes For Throwers & Batters
    • Hangs From Dugout & Bullpen Fence or Door
    • Great With The Throwers 10 Jobe Exercises



Our Duraband Baseball Band Thrower & Batter Kit Includes

Dura-Band Baseball– The patented adapted baseball band is worth its weight in gold. Nothing on the market today or in any gym creates resistance throughout the entire throwing motion including at the wrist snap and release of the ball like the Dura-Band Baseball. Due to its non-rotating ball design, resistance is placed on the wrist and forearm muscles which help prevent all types of elbow injuries. Rotator cuff injuries decreased also as the player simulates their own unique throwing motion with resistance, targeting their specific muscles used in the shoulder region.

Duraband– This patent-pending adapted baseball bat provides training that has never been available before to hitters. The unique design of the Durabat improves a player’s performance by:

    • Increasing core muscle strength
    • Increasing strength in wrist and forearms
    • Increasing strength in lower and upper back quadrants
    • Increasing bat speed & power at impact
    • Ensuring wrist snap at impact
    • Assisting the swing path to stay on the correct plane
    • Ensuring correct grip is being used


Additional Information


Warranty 1 Year
Area of Focus Arm Durability, Hitting Power & Strength, Throwing Power


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