Our Dry Line Marker In 4 Models

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Good Quality All-Steel Construction
4 Models & Sizes – (25 to 100 Lb. Capacity)
Air Filled Tire-Models Are Our Best
Hard Rubber Tire-Models To Save You Money
EZ Reach Flow Control Handle – Best 2″ & 4″ Line Control

2 Yr Warranty

Why Do Most Dry Line Marker Brands Suck?Coach JP Review Graphic

Dry line markers tend to turn into junk in a short period of time!

Yup, happened to me too. I like these all-metal dry line marker models and feel you should get many seasons of good use out of them just by caring for them a bit. Even an occasional emptying, hose down & sun-dry will help though I think that just because they are used right before game time, they probably get thrown around and slammed into storage sheds more than they should. Most every brand seems to use thinner metals (probably because they need to be lightweight to move easily when filled… while others are just junk.)

Hint: Choose the 4 air-filled tire model if you’re not sure which one you prefer. The 4 tires make it so much easier to control while moving with less effort and the air-filled aspect is just plain better! 50 lb capacity is plenty unless you have to chalk & dress multiple fields. The hard rubber wheel models will save you some extra budget but the air-filled tire models cost more for good reason.

I hope my thoughts have helped you decide on your best model-choice!
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Reasons To Buy

Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicEz Flow Handle Starts & Stops Flow Quickly
Square 2 Color Bullet GraphicAll Models Adjust For Most Popular 2″ & 4″ Lines
Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic
Very Helpful Stay-Straight Line Guide
Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic
All Metal So Should Outlast Most Others

1 year warranty seal


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2 Hard Rubber Wheels – 25 lbs., 4 Hard Rubber Wheels – 65 lbs., 4 Air Filled Tires – 50 lbs., 4 Air Filled Tires – 100 lbs.