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Diamond Digger Field Groomer & Optional Pro Drag Mat Packaged Savings

  • Diamond Digger w/ Optional Drag Mat
  • Diamond Digger w/ Optional Drag Mat
  • Diamond Digger Field Groomer
  • Diamond Digger Field Groomer Replacement Teeth Close Up
  • Diamond Digger Nail Drag Field Groomer & Close Up
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  Galvanized steel frame & nail drag
Uses 4.5″ sharpened  hardened steel cutting teeth
Pneumatic wheels allow you to roll for transport
Pull chain is provided
Hooks on rear allows for attachment of drag mat
 Remove wheels to turn groomer over and use as a leveling sled
  Recommended to be pulled by a tractor

Our Diamond Digger is a Quality Pro Infield Groomer Piece That Does 2- 3 Frequent Infield Maintenance Jobs! You have to own a nail drag and having one that can handle the added weight of 3 cinderblocks is a real plus. You have to be able to level the pile of loose infield mix from nail dragging. You have to then be able to do a final finish provided by a steel drag mat. How about owning our Diamond Digger and doing all 3 jobs in 2 passes for only a reasonable dent in your budget. That is what you will own with this 100 lbs hardened steel Diamond Digger nail drag with transport wheels & our optional 61 lb., 5 1/2 ft. wide by 4 ft. deep pro steel drag mat. This is as inexpensive a tool that you will buy once with the only replacement being a complete set of hardened steel replacement nail – teeth that you likely won’t be replacing anytime soon!


A well-manicured playing surface is a thing of beauty, and the Diamond Digger Field Groomer w/Wheels makes it happen. Features 4.5″ sharpened and hardened steel cutting teeth which are replaceable once worn, for cost saving. Pneumatic wheels roll for effortless transport, instead of needing to be carried. Measures 14″W x 6’L with a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame. Pull chain provided on front and hooks on rear for attachment of drag mat. (Digger is made to hold a maximum of 3 cement building blocks–not included–for additional weight when necessary) Remove wheels to turn groomer over and utilize as a leveling sled. Recommended to be pulled behind a tractor. Earn the reputation of having the best-kept field in the league, with the Diamond Digger Field Groomer w/Wheels.


Diamond Diggers

Diamond Digger & Our Heavy Duty Drag Mat, Diamond Digger Field Groomer w/Wheels

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