Cut N’ Level Drag | Multi Tasking Baseball Groomer


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Large Surface For Quicker Grooming
Cutting Blades Smooth & Level In 1 Pass
Picks Up Rocks & Screens The Away
Galvanized Steel Frame & Blades
Size 6′ W x 4’6″ D –  Wt. 220 lbs

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The Cut N’ Level Drag Baseball Groomer | An Inexpensive Time Saver

A baseball groomer that quickly levels & smooths your baseball or softball infield though also popular for horse rings & any dirt playing surface.
It boasts flat steel cutting blades along with a screen designed for rock removal. The cutting blades are slotted and attached to the frame with bolts, allowing the operator to adjust the blades for the desired depth of cut.

Utilized in routine maintenance, the Cut-N-Level Drag can be used for rock removal, smoothing, and leveling as the need arises, saving hundreds of man-hours normally needed to do these jobs. Frame and blades are galvanized. Size 6′ W x 4’6″ D. Wt 220 lbs..

LEVELS FIELD – The operator is able to cut down dirt build-up by adjusting the blades. The dirt is carried by the blades, as the Drag passes over holes dirt is then deposited in the holes leaving a smooth and level surface in its wake.

PICKS UP STONES – Rocks and stones are removed by affixing a screen above the frame and adjusting the blade in order to scrape up rocks lying on the field. With this, the rocks are directed onto the wire mesh screen. The dirt sifts through, in turn holding any materials too large to slip through the screen.

AIDS IN DRYING WET FIELDS – The drag will mix wetter top dirt with dryer dirt below by adjusting the blades to shave the top layers of dirt. By rolling this mixture along and exposing it to the air, dryer dirt will be deposited on the field.

In short, this popular baseball groomer will save you time & easily improve your infield skin.
It should last you many seasons!


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