Our Better Complete Pro 70' Batting Cage Frame & 70'L x 14'W X 12'H Poly Net

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Here’s our most popular team & park batting cage system that’s easy to install and tough enough to be used as a heavy-use batting cage.
This page features our heavier duty batting cage frame that’s 70′ long x 15.5′ wide and your choice of our 70′ long x 14′ wide poly nets!

  • 5 Yr. Pro-Rated Frame Warranty
  • 2 Yr. Pro-Rated Net Warranty

5 yr guarantee graphic    2 yr guarantee graphic

Coach JP ReviewBatting Cages Tough Enough For School Teams & Public Ballfields!

A complete poly batting cage system of commercial steel with ground sleeves & extra built-in support for any climate 

How To Choose Your Complete Batting Cage In 2 Steps!

  1. Select from this page to receive your 70 ft. long x 15.5 wide frame – (frame fits all our nets)

  2. Select a matching net strength in standard or deluxe – (read below)

1 – Choosing Your Batting Cage Frame

The advantages of this frame is its heavier gauge of steel, additional angle bracing that keeps your frame in place for extra years.
This unique engineered bracing allows for one fewer frame rib/arch, reducing installation time & reducing maintenance!
You will receive everything for a completed project using minimal tools & skills!

Our Batting Cage Frame Features

  • 2 1/4″ galvanized (rustproof) steel corners easily fit into the leg system
  • Angled supports at each end that completes the frame’s integrity & ensures the system stays rectangular
  • Galvanized ground sleeves that add stability & allows for any future need to remove or relocate the system
  • Simple instructions for anyone with reasonable skills and minimal tools. Click Here

An Optional Cable Net Hanging Kit

You can tie off any batting cage net but I recommend our cable hanging kit-option to make installation & maintenance much easier.
It includes 3 fitted lengths of 1/4″ aircraft cable that runs the length of the frame plus all clamps, adjustable tensioners, & the “right” carabiners (aka snap hooks, D rings) that attach from the cables to your cage net… all rust-resistant and built to last. This allows for sliding net to one end for quicker mowing

2 – Choosing Your Polyethylene Batting Cage Net

Batting cage nets are NOT all created equal! There is a ton of junk out there and unfortunately, all will look great when your first install it.
The truth may be told in less than a season of use. Our poly nets are fabricated (built) exceptionally well from the same manufacturer for many seasons… with zero returns!  
The material is top flight, the weights & gauges are accurate & the workmanship is spot-on!

Our Poly Batting Cage Net Features

  • Hung Square 1 3/4″ Net… hung on the square to reduce sag. A superior product & design for a stronger, more rectangular shape – easier to install
  • Heavy rope rib lines and corner reinforcement on all dimensions
  • UV-A & UV-B inhibitors to protect from the damage caused by the sun’s rays
  1. Select Your Net Strength
    24# For medium use
    36# For medium to heavy use
    42# For medium to heavy use
    Heavier or custom batting cage sizes? – Call us toll-free at 1-800-487-7432

  2. Select Standard or Deluxe
        Standard Batting Cage Net Features
         Hung Square 1 3/4″ Net – these small “square holes” help reduce sag & ensures a rectangular shape with easier installation
         Rib Lines – 3 heavy ropes running parallel the length of your cage eliminating sag 


                Our Deluxe Batting Cage Net Features       
                 Hung Square 1 3/4″ Net – these small “square holes” help reduce sag & ensures a rectangular shape with easier installation
                 Rib Lines – 3 heavy ropes running parallel the length of your cage eliminating sag 
                 Entry Flap Door –  added near the hitter’s entry area so no more crawling under the net to get in 
                 Baffle Net – eliminates the #1 wear-point of batting cage net by protecting the area behind the hitter so you get more years of use


The Bottom Line

Purchase up to your budget from people who specialize and offer choices of these products! The higher the net gauge number, the stronger & heavier the net… the heavier the net, the longer it should last! When in doubt, purchase a heavier net with a shorter cage…then get out and hit! Ship to a business for your best rate & faster delivery! 

Ask your questions prior to purchasing if you are still unsure.
Call us toll-free anytime between 10 AM & 7 PM Eastern Time at 800 487 7432.
Remember, you don’t want to buy this stuff twice!

I hope we can earn your business!
coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

Coach JP Signature

See our 70 foot better complete batting cage instructions here



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