Our Best Collapsible Batting Cage | Foldable Batting Cage For Indoor Or Outdoor

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  Our Largest & Best Collapsible Batting Cage!
Folds Like An Accordion For Quick Storage
Folds In 2 Minutes w/ 1 Player At Each Leg
 Standard 12′ Height 18′ Width is 50% Wider
Now Available In 14′ & 15′ Widths & Custom Length Too!


The Best Collapsible Batting Cage For Indoor Or Outdoor I've Found!

What a unique, problem-solving piece of baseball training equipment!
Here's a collapsible batting cage that is pro-quality by its size & features alone. Better than that, it's lightweight aluminum frame sections and a heavy made in USA #42 weather-treated baseball net (includes an extra baffle net) can be set up or collapsed in 2 minutes; leaving a mere 2 ft. from any wall!

If your larger needs involve sharing an indoor or outdoor gym or sports field, this is the collapsible batting cage you need. Though more popular as an indoor batting cage, the outdoor batting cage set-up works well too! Also, it can be easily shared as a baseball batting cage and a softball batting cage so two sports teams can share the use or expense!

BTW: call us for custom sizes. The manufacturer has finally agreed to build some custom batting cage sizes for us!

  • Call 800-487-7432 for multiple batting cages or custom length or width
  • Arc design allows for maximum batting space
  • Size allows for live batting practice & multiple stations
  • Uses stronger #42 nylon net that's weather-resistant
  • No permanent construction needed
  • No cables needed for indoor
  • No frame needed for outdoor

A Foldable Collapsible Batting Cage For Indoor, Outdoor Or Both

The most unique & versatile collapsible batting cage available! Our collapsible batting cage is just as useful in your indoor training facility or outdoors on your ballfield. They can be purchased with indoor feet that will not mark your gym flooring or outdoor application...or can be shipped with both indoor and outdoor ability so you can use one cage for both needs! Indoor does not require any cables to be run, a huge difference! Outdoor advantages include no need to build or buy a batting cage frame!

The batting cage net features top-quality USA-Made heavier #42 knotless nylon netting along with a baffle net saver to protect your main net for even more years of use! The cage footprint is 50% wider & 20% taller than standard tunnels, & is significantly bigger than even other oversized cages. The results are ample space for all types of usage, including live BP with a catcher.

The size of the batting cage means that you will never need to move the plate or readjust your pitching machine when switching between your RH & LH hitters! Plus, hitters will always be able to follow-through without hitting the net, no matter the size of the player or your top-hand release hitters.... that's a big deal to college coaches!

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When you order your batting cage model, you will choose the cage feet that you would like
Feet on the cage can be switched fairly easily so schools on a budget can by one BATCO for all seasons, indoors or out!

  • Indoor feet are floor-protecting rubber stoppers that go on the end of legs
  • Outdoor feet are 8" x 4" metal plates
  • Indoor/Outdoor Combo models are available

* All Batco cages are special orders so no returns are allowed.
The quality is such that we have never even had a return-request, as of this writing!

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